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Play a guessing game and learn 18 Yoga Poses with your troop

Play a guessing game and learn 18 Yoga Poses with your troop


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These are some of my favorite posts. When I get to connect with authors and illustrators of kids books. Todays find is from Andrea Creel the writer of the Mystery Pose: A Yoga Guessing Game book. The illustrations of the book were done by a teenager which is also inspiring to hear. Along with getting this book to use with your troop, the author has given me her information so you can have your troop reach out to her with a letter, questions to her or the illustrator or to share your yoga poses with her.

About the Book

The Mystery Pose: A Yoga Guessing Game book is not only going to teach your girls yoga, but also will help support your girls learning and development. This is a book and game rolled into one, your girls will have a blast following the clues to guess all of the yoga poses. The illustrations are colorful and detailed to show girls exactly how to do the pose. The rhyming poems will help your girls discover the yoga pose hiding on the next page. The book includes 18 child-friendly yoga poses and ends with an inspiring relaxation.

Create Your Own Yoga Poses

After completing the 18 poses in the book have the girls pick a pose and create their own clues and riddles about it and see if others can guess the pose they are describing.

You could also put together 3-4 of their favorite poses into a sequence and either demonstrate the sequence (if doing the activity in person/in a group) or draw/write the sequence of poses and share it. Here is a free PDF to draw your poses on to share with troop.

Opportunity To Write the Author

They can email letters to Andrea at or mail them to: Andrea Creel 229 Jay Drive, Unit Brockville, MD 20850

The book is a picture book and the illustrator is actually a teenager! If you write the author they can also ask questions to Deran, the illustrator, and I can gather his responses to respond, as well.

How to Throw a Successful Yoga Party With Your Girls

One idea that could easily be a whole party or combine with a camp out or other event is teaching your girls everything you can about Yoga. Including incorporating this book to the program. Things like yoga are an excellent way to promote the kind of peace of mind a girl will need to thrive in life as an adult. I didn’t discover the benefits of yoga till I was much older so by teaching your girls early they may continue to incorporate these exercises into adulthood. Read more about planning a yoga party.

A little More About the Author, Illustrator, and Book

About the Book
Mystery Pose is a book and game rolled into one! In this book, you have to listen carefully to the clues and then try to guess what yoga pose you think is hiding on the next page! There are 18 different yoga poses in the book that you can practice; the book also teaches you the English and Sanskrit names of the poses. Sanskrit is a language that comes from India. The book is a fun way to learn more about yoga. The book is most appropriate for kids from PreK-grade 2 age range.

About the Author
Andrea Creel is an author and yoga teacher who lives in Maryland. She has been practicing yoga for 22 years! Andrea loves teaching kids about yoga and creating stories, games, and songs to make yoga fun and interesting to children.When she was growing up, Andrea was a Brownie and a Junior Girl Scout. Her favorite type of Girl Scout cookie is Thin Mints (frozen, of course!).

About the Illustrator
Deran Deegala is an aspiring young digital artist who loves doing freestyle drawings and drawing original creations. He is an honor roll student at his middle school and enjoys empathizing with people. Besides art, he enjoys playing video games, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Deran lives with his family in Rockville, Maryland. He is a self-taught artist who was inspired by watching cartoons like Steven Universe, Owl House, and Carmen Sandiego Learn more about Deran here: Interview with Deran Deegala

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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