Read Zoey Lyndon’s Big Move to the Lou and Meet the Author to Earn the Scribe Badge

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When it comes to communicating, writing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect with others.  I am excited to introduce you to Micheal Anderson who is a writer, blogger, and longtime Girl Scout supporter. She came up with a creative way that girls can earn their Junior Scribe Badge and have fun doing it.

How to Meet the Author

Micheal is offering Junior Girl Scouts the opportunity to earn their Scribe badge, while also allowing them to meet the author. This activity is ideal for troops or Service Units.
1.  Purchase the book Zoey Lyndon’s Big Move to the Lou and read it.
2.  Write the author a letter after reading it.  If the entire troop is participating, then they can email me letters all at once and put their troop number on the letters and in the subject line of the email.
3.  Micheal will attend one of your troop meetings via Zoom, to discuss the writing process and to answer the letters.
If leaders are interested, they can contact me at [email protected]  and write “Im Interested” in the subject line of the email along with their troop number.

What is Book About?

Zoey Lyndon’s Big Move to the Lou is an inspiring book about a 4th grade science loving girl who  desperately wants to fit in at her new school.  She struggles initially, but her love of science is what ultimately ends up breaking the ice for her and she learns to navigate the fourth grade like a pro.  This is a fun, fast paced story that encourages girls to pursue STEM.
Where to Purchase Book?
You can purchase Zoey Lyndon’s Big Move to the Lou on Amazon, and can be purchased in paperback or ebook version.

A Little More About the Author

As mentioned above Micheal Anderson is a writer, blogger, and longtime Girl Scout supporter.  She is also a former troop leader and Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri (GSEM) staff member, she looks forward to working with young girls and being able to offer an exciting opportunity to troops. You can contact her directly through her website or email [email protected] 

After you read the book write a review: If you enjoyed the book, please write a review on Amazon.  This is a great way to let other young readers know about my book.

Other Author Programs You Will Love

Additional Resources for Leaders  

Scribe Junior BadgeIf you are interested in saving a lot of time planning your meetings and looking for a fun new way to have fun being a creative writer. This Activity Booklet has activities, games and worksheets that are hands on to keep the girls engaged while learning about writing the perfect story.  Learn more and get yours today!

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