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Badge Ideas for 4th - 5th Graders

practice with purpose

5 Fun Activities to Earn the Junior Practice With Purpose Badge

Looking to earn the Junior Practice With Purpose badge? Check out these 5 fun activities to help girls develop their skills and achieve their goals. From creating a practice schedule...
Junior FIrst Aid Badge promo

5 Fun Activities To Earn The Junior First Aid Badge

Get ready to earn the Junior First Aid Badge with these 5 exciting and engaging activities! From learning basic first aid skills to creating first aid kits, these activities will...
Outdoor Craft

5 Fun Activities to Earn The Junior Outdoor Art Explorer Badge

Unleash your Girl Scout troops creativity with these 5 engaging activities to earn the Junior Outdoor Art Explorer Badge. From nature scavenger hunts to outdoor photography, these hands-on experiences will...
Drawing Badge Cover

6 Fun Activities to help you earn the Junior Drawing Badge

f you’re working with Junior Girl Scouts who aspire to become better artists, the Junior Drawing Badge is an excellent starting point. Let’s explore some creative ideas with these 6...
junior scribe badge ideas

5 Fun Activities to Help You Earn The Junior Scribe Badge

Grab your pens and lets’ scribe! Do you have a passion for writing, but not sure where to start? Look no further! The Junior Scribe Badge is waiting for you...
5 Fun Activities to help you earn the Junior Gardener Badge

5 Fun Activities to help you earn the Junior Gardener Badge

Discover 5 enjoyable activities that will help your girls earn the Junior Gardener Badge. From planting a butterfly garden to learning about composting, these hands-on experiences are designed to foster...


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