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12 Painters Tape Games and Activities for Your Girl Scout Troop


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Are you looking for exciting ways to keep your Girl Scout Troop entertained? Get ready to have a blast with painters tape and have fun with these 12 fun-filled games and activities.

Whether you're a seasoned Girl Scout Troop leader or a new volunteer, these games are perfect for engaging girls of all ages. From creating obstacle courses to designing collaborative artwork, painter tape is the secret ingredient to make your troop meetings unforgettable.

Discover how painter's tape can turn an ordinary space into a magical wonderland. Watch your girls giggle with delight while navigating through a maze of tape, playing hopscotch, or creating their own target games. These activities not only promote teamwork and problem-solving skills but also provide an opportunity for girls to express themselves creatively. 

So, grab a roll of painter's tape, put on your thinking caps, and prepare for hours of laughter and entertainment! Let's dive into the world of painter's tape and make lasting memories with your Girl Scout Troop.

Painters Tape

Before you can do painter tape activities, you need painter tape. Get yours from Amazon in bulk.

Benefits of Painter's Tape Activities for Girl Scout Troops

Painter tape is not just for painting walls! It is a versatile tool that can be used in various games and activities to keep your Girl Scout Troop engaged and entertained.

  •  One of the major benefits of using painter's tape is its ease of use. It can be easily placed and removed without leaving any residue, making it safe for use on different surfaces.
  • Another benefit of using painter's tape is its ability to transform any space into a playground. With a roll of painter's tape, you can create obstacle courses, mazes, and race tracks that will challenge you.
  • It allows you to be creative and design unique games and activities to entertain the girls for hours.

Safety tips when using Painters Tape

While painters tape is a safe and easy-to-use tool, it is important to take some precautions to ensure the safety of your Girl Scout Troop. 

  • Use painter's tape on clean and dry surfaces to ensure proper adhesion. Avoid using it on delicate surfaces that may be damaged when the tape is removed.
  • Remind the girls to be cautious while playing with painter's tape. Encourage them to be mindful of their surroundings and to avoid running or jumping on the tape to prevent any accidents or injuries. 

By following these safety precautions, you can ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Create a Painters Tape Obstacle Course

Use painter's tape to mark different stations or challenges along a designated path. Stations can include jumping over tape lines, crawling under tunnels, or balancing on tape lines.

painter tape obsacle course

Painters Tape Art Gallery

Provide the girls with a variety of colored painter's tape and let them create their own masterpieces on a designated wall or surface. They can tear and stick the tape to create different shapes, patterns, and designs.

Encourage the girls to be imaginative and express themselves through their tape artwork. They can work individually or collaborate on a larger piece of art. Once the artwork is complete, host a gallery walk where the girls can showcase their creations and appreciate each other's work. 

Painters Tape Hopscotch Tournament

Take the classic hopscotch game to the next level with a Tape Hopscotch Tournaments.

Divide your Girl Scouts into teams and have them design and create their own unique hopscotch grids using painter's tape. Each team can come up with their own set of rules and challenges for their hopscotch game.

Once the grids are ready, the teams can compete against each other in a hopscotch tournament. The girls will take turns hopping through their and other teams' hopscotch grids, following the rules and challenges.

Painters Tape Target Practice

Test your Girl Scouts' aim and accuracy with a Painters Tape Target Practice. Create targets on a wall or floor using painter's tape. The targets can be of different shapes and sizes, and you can assign different point values to each target. The girls can then take turns throwing or shooting soft objects, such as bean bags or Nerf darts, at the targets to score points.

You can increase the distance between the targets and the throwing/shooting point to make the game more challenging. You can also add obstacles or create moving targets using tape.

Painters Tape Race Track

Transform any space into a thrilling race track with painter's tape. Create a track on the floor or a table using tape, making twists, turns, and straight sections. The girls can then use small toy cars or other vehicles to race against each other.

To make the race more exciting, you can add obstacles or challenges along the track. For example, you can create "speed bumps" using folded tape or "pit stops" where the girls have to stop and perform a task before continuing. The Tape Race Track game promotes motor skills, coordination, and friendly competition.

Painters Tape American Flag

Make a Ameanrican Flag and use the painter's tape to block the lines that will be white. 

Painters Tape Spider Web

Transform your doorway into a spooky spider's hangout!

  1. Grab your painter's tape: Start by sticking a long piece of tape to the floor in the center of your doorway.
  2. Let's build the frame: Run separate pieces of tape from the floor up the sides of the doorway and onto the top, making sure they all meet in the center point you created earlier. This will be the basic frame of your web.
  3. Weaving the web: Now for the fun part! Take more tape and start creating circles around the center point, getting progressively smaller as you move inwards. Imagine a spider spinning its web and follow its motion!
  4. Web complete! Continue adding tape circles until your web reaches the desired size.
  5. Time for some "prey": Scrunch some old newspapers into balls. Pretend they're trapped insects and throw them at your web to make them stick – just like real spider webs!

Painters Tape Hockey Activity

Take some tape and get some beanbags, and you can create a hockey game in any part of your house.   Learn more about how to set this up on this site.

Painters Tape Pom Pom Body Catch

Wrap your girls with painter's tape backwards and grab some pom poms and this will be fun.

Painters Tape Balloon Game

Smashing balloons onto a painter's tape wall and see what sticks.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!