Never Struggle Planning Activities Again

Easy to use activity booklets for your troop meeting.
This is a place for leaders like you to find ideas to use at your events and meetings.

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What Leaders Say

It gives me crafts, songs, activities, and games to do with the girls regarding every meeting. The girls always have fun and love everything that is suggested. I can't say enough about these activity booklets!
Anna K
There were many giggles during the skits. They learned a lot and enjoyed making the kits. This was very easy for me, I printed it out and Viola! I was done. Highly recommend.
Rachel N
I love all your products for Juniors that you have put together. They have saved me hours of preparation time. Thank you
Lisa H
Girl Lead Opportunities
Great resource for my troop. I used this resource for my girls to earn badges independently.
Stephanie H
Boring Topics Fun
My Girl Scout troop loved this! They had so much fun with the activities that it made learning fun!!! Who knew this topic would be enjoyable. well done!!!
Heather S
Not Schoolwork
I used this with my Girl Scouts and it made it all come alive. So well written out and easy to follow. They loved that there were activities built in so it didn't fell so much like 'schoolwork'. Got them up and moving. It was fantastic!
Laura M