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Embrace differences

How To Create An Inclusive and Neurodivergent-Friendly Girl Scout Troop

Today, I will focus on creating an inclusive and neurodivergent-friendly Girl Scout troop, providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all the girls in your troop.
4 pillars of Girl Scouts

Unlocking Adventure: Exploring the 4 Program Pillars of Girl Scouts

In today's blog post, we're diving into the exciting world of Girl Scouts and exploring the 4 Program Pillars of Girl Scouts that form the foundation of this incredible organization....
Girl Scout Troop Make a Difference

Making a Difference: How to Make the Most of Your Girl Scout Troop

Discover practical tips and inspiring ideas on how to make a difference with your Girl Scout troop. From community service projects to raising awareness and fostering leadership, learn how to...
Scout cash with troop

How to Use Scout Cash with Your Girl Scout Troop

If you're a scout troop leader looking for creative ways to use scout cash with your troop, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll explore various...
girl scout leader goals

Debunking the 3 Common Misconceptions that Could Be Holding You Back from Becoming a Successful Girl Scout Leader

Unlock your potential as a Girl Scout leader by debunking the 3 common misconceptions that may be holding you back. Learn valuable insights and practical tips to become a successful...
7 Ways to Build a Sense of Community in Your Girl Scout Troop

7 Ways to Build a Sense of Community in Your Girl Scout Troop

Running a Girl Scout troop is all about building friendships, learning life skills and feeling a sense of belonging whenever you hang out with your fellow scouts. As a leader,...


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