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DIY Craft: How To Make a Simple Tie Dye Shirt With Your Troop

on July 07, 2020

Simple Tie Dye Shirt

Difficulty: Intermediate
Great for

2nd – 12th

grade girls
Estimate time to make



Learn how to make a simple tie dye shirt. This craft is great because after it is made girls will be able to wear their craft. This video is showing it with 1 simple color. Let the girls experiment with all kinds of colors. You can learn through directions and pictures and a short video at end of post showing how to do it. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

  • White cotton t-shirt

  • Color for materials

  • Plastic spoon and small plate

  • few rubber bands

How to make craft

  • There are a lot of ways to do this so I’m going to share one way. Buy one white T-shirt your size. Take the shirt and lay it on a flat surface. Start swirling the shirt starting from the center. You need to get all the material in one round piece.
  • Now it’s time to secure the shirt to keep the same shape while you are coloring it. For that purpose I’ve used a few rubber bands but you can use some thread as well. Put it in some plastic item or if you can do this project outside that would be great so you won’t do some mess around the house.
  • As you can see I’ve chosen blue color for my shirt but you can use any color that you want. Depending of what color you are going to use you will need different amount of water. I’m sure there are instructions of how to prepare your color on the back side of the package of the color.

    Once you have the color done you can start with painting. As you can see I’ve used plastic little dish and plastic spoon to color the shirt but to make a smaller mess you can also use small plastic bottle.
  • I’ve decided to add colors on one piece between two rubber bands and skip one piece and you can see the final result on the pictures. You can also color all the pieces between the rubber bands but with different colors like every space in different color. Or you can use two colors as well. When you’ve added the color you need to leave the color to dry before you open it. Then you can open the shirt and see the final result.
  • Before you wear the t-shirt you will need to wash it so all the colors fall off. There are a lot of different ways to make different patterns on your t-shirts you will just need to tie the t-shirt in different ways. For more patterns you can search on the internet. Be creative and personalize your cloths.

Craft Video

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