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Outdoor Wide Game with Escape Room Style Challenges Great For Kids K - 12th Grade


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Have you ever done a wide game with your group? How about an Escape Room? What about combining the concept of an Outdoor Wide Game with Escape Room also while learning some very important outdoor skills? If the answer is no to the last question and you want to try something different with your girls on an upcoming camping trip or meeting,

Read on to learn more about the WOOD ESCAPE: Rescue Fairies from The Woods | Wide Game with Escape Room Style Challenges.

Outdoor Wide Game with Escape Room Together, Really?

Why this is a wide game? It has a theme, a plot, and a purpose. You and your girls will move through ten different stations. Each station will be themed around ten different skill sets: First Aid, Campfire, Nutrition, Map Skills, Knots, Star Gazing, Shelter, Clean Water, Wildlife, and Nature.

Why this is an Escape Room Style Game? There are ten fairies that the girls need to help in some way to restore their magic. Girls must complete the challenge at each station which could include a puzzle, riddle, or completing a certain task to move on to next station. In exchange for helping the fairies each person will receive a crest and a magic letter that will be used to solve the final challenge. The final challenge will be completed to free the fairies from the woods and win the game.

Many of these challenges will require critical thinking and problem solving skills to get past each challenge. And the best part its also educational and girls will learn more about each of the ten important outdoor skills at each station.

Program Flexibility

difficulty levels

Difficulty Levels

There are two different difficulty levels to choose from: normal and hard. Both will be educational and fun. It is recommended to use the normal difficulty level for K-5th graders and for the 6th – 12th graders use the hard difficulty level. Use the appropriate cards labeled for the difficulty level you will be using. For different age groups you can incorporate both challenge levels into the activity just use both difficulty level cards.

Educational Content Used

Throughout the program you can change some of the educational content and answers to match what your group is learning and focusing on. For example, use specific trees for your area or specific knots.

How To Play the WOOD ESCAPE: Rescue Fairies from The Woods Game

escape room program

The printable game comes with the following:

  • 10 fairy direction cards
  • 20 instruction cards (10 normal and 10 hard difficulty level)
  • Crest and Magic Word Cards
  • Find the missing map skills
  • Camp fire cards
  • First aid cards
  • Clean water facts challenge
  • Star gazing constellation cards
  • Wildlife food chain cards
  • Nutrition Challenge | Food plate and playing cards
  • Knot Challenge | How to tie knot worksheet
  • Final challenge worksheets and cards

1. Before event print all the playing cards and worksheets and cut out.

I recommend printing on card stock and laminate the cards so they don’t get ruined.

2. Set Up Your 10 Stations

Set up the 10 stations with one adult running each station playing the fairy who lost their magic. Place the fairy instruction card, activity direction card, and all the corresponding worksheets and cards for that challenge at each station ready to go for when kids arrive at the station.

challenge cards
direction cards

3. Run each station

Divide the girls into teams or, for a smaller group, have all of them work together. At the start of each station, read the message from the fairy from the fairy direction card. Use the challenge direction cards for specific details and instructions to use to help guide the kids through the challenge. Once the kids have completed the challenge, read the message from the fairy from the fairy direction card thanking them and rewarding them with the corresponding crest and letter for that station. Have them move to a new station after they complete each one, and give the kids hints if they’re taking more than the allotted time you have set for each challenge station.

star gazing

Final Challenge to Free the Fairies

Once everyone participating has completed all ten stations, do the final activity to rescue the fairies from the woods! In the end everyone is a winner, not only rescuing the fairies from the woods, but also learning more about 10 very important outdoor skills.

final challenge

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!