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Outdoor Artist Activity booklet

    Outdoor Art Creator Activity Booklet

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      This activity booklet was designed to fulfill the requirements for the Brownie Outdoor Art Creator badge or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges. Great for teachers and home schooled kids as well.

      This activity booklet will give you a chance to bring your art and the outdoors together. Your girls will explore the outdoors by looking at nature both close up with a photo hunt and by going on a scavenger hunt hike searching for different shapes within nature. There are activities that will get the girls up and moving while learning more about how sounds and movement are also a form of art and lastly they will get creative with two hands on crafts using found objects in nature.

      Activities include:

      1. Explore the outdoors: Take your girls on a scavenger hunt searching for different shapes in nature as well as collecting nature objects to use in other activities in this booklet.
      2. Art from outdoors: Your girls will use rocks they collect and a few craft supplies to make their very own garden caterpillar.
      3. Sounds of outdoors: Art can also be found in movement in sounds, these two activities will get your girls up and moving with the sounds of nature and animal movements.
      4. Photography from outdoors: Explore nature up close and personal. Using a camera or phone the girls will go on a close up hunt of nature and share their findings with the group.
      5. Be a nature artist: Using found objects during your scavenger hunt the girls will design and create a imaginary fairy elf house just like birds and other animals use nature to create their homes out in nature.

      Do you need more ideas on this topic? Gain even more free ideas to have fun making art outside. click here.


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