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Witches hat chocolate favor

DIY Craft: How To Make a Witch Hat Filled with Chocolate


Time to read 2 min

Witch Hat Filled with Chocolate



Great for

6- 12

grade girls Estimate time to make



Learn how to make a cute witch hat favor for Halloween. This craft is a cute way to hide a treat, use the hat as decoration at party, at home, or give as a gift. You can learn through directions and pictures and a short video at end of post showing how to do it. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

  • Eye

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Orange satin ribbon

  • Chocolates

  • Some decorative stones

  • Black material

  • Black cardboard

How to make craft

  • To create the hat you will need black cardboard, ruler, pencil and scissors.
    Take the cardboard and put some marks on the cardboard as the high of the hat you would like to be. I wanted my hat to be around 6 inches high. That would depend of the size of the chocolates and candies you are going to put inside the hat. Cut one angle of the cardboard as you can see on the pictures.
  • Fold the cardboard creating cone. You can attach the ends of the cone with a stapler and to make it look much better you can use any glue to attach the rest of the cone.
  • To finish the hat you will need one circle bigger than the bottom of the cone. To draw it you can use any round item and draw it on the black cardboard. Cut the circle using scissors. When you have the circle ready, fill the cone with the sweets, put some glue on the top of the cone and place the circle on the cone. There you have the hat, now it’s time to decorate it.
  • I’ve used black felt to make the look of the hat more realistic. Cut one or two stripes around 2cm wide and put a little glue on the one end creating little ruffles. Attach those pieces on the bottom of the hat as you can see on the pictures.
  • To decorate the hat I’ve used wide orange satin ribbon. Glue one piece on the hat and tie a bow that you are going to attach it on the hat. In the middle of the bow I’ve attached an eye but you can use any Halloween decorative items. That eye I’ve created from ping pong ball. It is drawn with black and white marker. To make it look much better I’ve added a few decorations like the one on the top and that stripe with decorative stones.
  • You can make it look completely different than mine. Feel free and use your imagination.Witches hat chocolate favor

Craft Video

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