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DIY Craft: How to Make a Elephant from Toilet Paper Roll

on May 30, 2022

How to Make a Elephant from Toilet Paper Roll

Learn how to make an Elephant from a toilet paper roll with a few simple supplies. You can learn through directions and pictures and a short video at end of post showing how to do it. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

How to make craft

  • On the white cardboard draw the ears and the trunk of the elephant. Make sure they are big enough having in mind that the toilet paper roll is going to be the body of the elephant.
  • Cut the drawn parts using scissors. Glue the trunk and the ears on the toilet paper roll.
  • Now you need to paint the elephant. Take grey color and start covering the elephant. If you are not able to find grey color you can easily create it yourself by combining white and a little bit of black color. Paint the elephant and let it dry completely.
  • At the end you just need to glue the eyes to the elephant.
  • You can also curl the trunk a little to make it look more realistic.

Craft Video


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