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How To Make a American Flag Out of Popsicle Sticks With Your Troop


Time to read 2 min

Learn how to make an American Flag out of popsicle sticks. This craft is great for any patriotic celebration your troop may be celebrating or for a flag ceremony. You can learn through directions pictures, and a short video showing how to do it. Let’s get started!

What you need for American Flag

How to make craft

Step #1

Prepare your workspace. Lay down wax paper to protect your crafting surface.

Take the sticks and start painting them. Paint three red, two white, and two blue sticks.

Leave them to dry completely before you continue decorating.

red white and blue flag

Step #2

Assemble the stripes. Once the paint dries completely, lay the red and white sticks horizontally side-by-side, alternating the colors. Use craft glue to secure them together along the edges, forming a rectangle.

red white and blue flag 3

Pro Tip: Feeling creative? You can customize the number of stripes on your flag. Simply use more or fewer red and white sticks to achieve your desired design.

Step #3

Now, for the blue part, cut the blue sticks in half. You will need three halves.

red white and blue flag 3

Step #4

Glue them on the left upper corner.

red white and blue flag4

Step #5

Add some white stars onto the flag. I used stars for decorating cookies, but you can
use some pearl stars or maybe stars from cardboard.

red white and blue flag 2

Step #6

To finish the flag's look, just add the thin wooden stick on the left side of the back.

red white and blue flag 2

Reinforcing for Strength (Optional): Want to ensure your flag waves proudly for a long time? Glue another popsicle stick horizontally across the back of the flag, lining it up with the top of the stripes. This adds extra stability to your creation.

American Flag Craft Video

Display Your Patriotic Spirit:

Hang your popsicle stick flag with pride! You can attach a ribbon to the top for easy hanging, or even glue it onto a sturdy cardboard backing for a tabletop display. No matter how you choose to showcase it, your creation will be a reminder of American spirit and a delightful conversation starter.

This popsicle stick American flag craft is a fantastic way to celebrate any patriotic occasion, from Independence Day to Memorial Day. It's a fun and educational activity for kids, and a delightful project for adults who enjoy a touch of crafting fun. So grab your materials, unleash your creativity, and get ready to celebrate America with a star-spangled masterpiece!

Help Earning the Celebrating Community badge

This could be a great addition to the activities you are doing to earn the Celebrating Community badge. If you need more ideas for this badge here are some ideas along with a complete activity booklet to help you earn it.

Crafts Beyond Flag Craft

Troop 1808 Service Project on Flag Day

What out new troop 1808 of Daisies and Brownie’s did was on Flag Day we went and put flags on a historic Family Confederates grave yard that is a small cemetery in the neighborhood that is forgotten about as it small, the family big party of our Community and but graveyard not publicized as much as house and courthouse that is associated with the family. We did a lesson on family and how even this small graveyards are an important part of history and should not be forgotten it’s a part of our community history and made out community what it is today. We also discussed what flag laying was and importance of being respectful of placement of flags and how to handle a flag. Here is the picture that was shared in our local newspaper the Greensburg Record Herald in Greensburg, KY.

flag ceremony

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!