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DIY Craft: How to Make a Fall Autumn Wreath with Leaves and a Paper Plate


Time to read 1 min

  • Estimate time to make is 45 minutes

  • Great for K – 5th grade girls

Learn how to make a fall autumn wreath with leaves and a paper plate with a few simple supplies. You can learn through directions and pictures and a short video at end of post showing how to do it. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Orange ribbon

  • Scalpel

  • Paper plate

  • Fabric autumn leaves

  • Pencil

How to make fall autumn wreath craft

  1. First take the pencil and draw a smaller circle in the middle of the paper plate. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a line that will help you know where to cut the paper plate. 
fall autumn wreath step 1
  1. Now, take the scalpel and cut that part of the paper plate you’ve already drawn. You will finish up with a wreath and this is what you are going to use for the base of your wreath.
fall autumn wreath step 2
  1. Take your favorite glue and start attaching the leafs on the wreath by mixing the colors. If you don’t have this kind of leafs or you are not able to find some you can always use natural leafs that you can collect in the park.
step 3
  1. When you have finished gluing the leafs just cut one longer piece of the satin ribbon and attach it on the back side of the wreath. I’ve chosen orange satin ribbon but you can also use any of the colors that you have on the wreath.
step 4
  1. Hang your final wreath on door or wall as a decoration for fall

Craft Video

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