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Building Peace Remotely: Your 2021 World Thinking Day Host Guide

on January 08, 2021

Did you know that the theme of this year’s World Thinking Day is peacebuilding?

Every year we’re given a new topic to teach our girls about, and this year is just as important as ever! Promoting peace to the next generation is vital to create a safe and happy world for the future.

But, with a global pandemic, the thinking days we know and love will be a little different this year. Some troops may even be meeting up remotely, so you’ll have to plan events that can work in-person and virtually.

To help, here are some ideas for a slightly different World Thinking Day in 2021.

What is Peacebuilding?

The 2021 World Thinking Day is almost here, and our guide will help you ideate and navigate the new world of hosting powerful virtual events.

Here are some key lessons they should learn:

  1. Use words instead of violence in an argument
  2. If there is an argument happening don’t form an audience or encourage violence
  3. Report any crimes to parents or the police
  4. Stick with friends who avoid dangerous activities and behavior
  5. Teach others to avoid violence and criminal activity

If you’re hosting a World Thinking Day, the idea is that you should be promoting peace and non-violence. It’s as simple as that! Now onto some games and activities to help make your remote World Thinking Day just as fun as ever.

Fill Up Buckets

This is a super fun activity that can be done both in-person and remotely, and it encourages girls to think carefully about how they treat others. Get your troops to imagine that everyone holds a bucket, and when they do a kind action or speak nicely, their bucket fills up. When they do something negative that harms someone else, their bucket empties.

Now, get them to draw out three columns on a piece of paper, with the headings looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Under these, they should put examples of what kind of acts that will fill up their bucket look, sound, and feel like. Here are some examples:

  • Kindness looks like sharing with others and smiling
  • Kindness sounds like please, thank you, and a friendly tone of voice
  • Kindness feels like happiness, safety, and being supportive

Let the kids discuss what kindness is to them and the acts they do to make the world a happier, safer place.

Share a Scare

When it comes to World Thinking Day ideas, share a scare is a great way to bring your group closer together and promote kindness. The idea is that you create a safe space for your girls to share something they’re worried about. That could be anything from going to a new school to not being able to do something others can.

Make sure the girls all know that they shouldn’t share other’s worries, and never force any of the troops to share something if they don’t want to. When a child shares an idea, encourage the other kids to help them find a resolution to their problem. The idea is to encourage support and empathy, helping your girls understand others’ emotions and learn how they can help.

Creating a Letter for Someone They Love

This virtual World Thinking Day is all about making the world a safer, happier, and kinder place to live. Teach your troops that expressing love is more important than expressing hate. Get each of them to sit down and write a short letter to someone they love, telling them why they’re important to that child.

Once the letters are written, ask if anyone would like to share theirs. This is completely optional, but encourage them to do so! Sharing the love is a great way to promote peace.

Discuss Other Cultures

By learning about other cultures, you can promote empathy and equality in your troops. Educating them on the way of lives of others is a great way to stop discrimination and encourage peace. Here are some links to different game ideas for different countries and cultures:

Random Acts of Kindness Bingo

If you’re having a virtual World Thinking Day, bingo is always a great game to play! It’s easy for kids to understand and they can create their own resources. Just ask them to draw up a grid of 5 by 5 squares (they may need their parents to help with this depending on how young they are).

Then, send each child a list of kind activities. Get them to fill in those that they do on their bingo sheet, such as I’ve helped make dinner or I’ve hugged my mom. Call out the activities at random and whoever gets a row or column first wins!

When the game is done, send each of them a new bingo sheet. This will have a range of new kind of activities on that your troops should go off and complete. Some examples include:

  • Share a toy with a friend
  • Help your parents set the table
  • Ask a sister, brother, or friend if they need help with a task
  • Say hello to someone new at school

At your next meeting, they can report back on how many they manage to do and see if anyone wins Bingo!

Start Planning Your World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is a great opportunity to teach your troops some valuable life lessons, helping to build a better future for everyone. Even if your event will be remote, you can still have plenty of fun with these ideas!

For more party and event ideas for your troops, be sure to check out Leader Connecting Leaders. We have tons of games that will take your kids around the world, even if they’re in their own home!

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