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5 Fun Activities For Your Troops Next Meeting Using Shaving Cream

5 Fun Activities For Your Troops Next Meeting Using Shaving Cream


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Shaving cream is inexpensive and a fun activity for your girls to play with. The smell, the smooth feel and the messiness combined, make it irresistible, too kids and adults. You should plan to have 1-2 cans of shaving for each girl. Depending on the age of your troop depends on which activity or activities you choose to do. I have some ideas to get you started on the fun. So all you need to do is purchase a lot of shaving cream and gather the supplies for each activity and boom you have a fun messy event in your back pocket for your next outdoor meeting.

Balloon Shaving

Everyone is given a balloon and a marker or pen. Set a timer for 2 minutes and tell them to, draw a face, on the balloon. After the face is drawn on the balloon, tell them to put shaving cream on the face. Give each girl a plastic knife and say 1,2,3 GO! The girls will shave the balloon trying not to pop it. The first one to finish without popping it wins. If you want to make it messier you can put shaving cream inside the balloon.

Shaving Cream Sidewalk Paint

Have fun making puffy sidewalk paint, while experimenting with how much water, flour or shaving cream you need for the perfect paint thickness. Gather a few supplies flour, water, shaving cream, food coloring, bowl, spoon, and plastic squirt bottles, or if you want to paint right from bowl you wouldn’t need bottles. Combine about 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup shaving cream in a bowl and mix it up. Once all mixed, transfer the mixture into squirt bottle. Remember if going to paint from bowl you can add food coloring right in bowl, but if you are doing multiple colors you will need another bowl.

Once all in squirt bottle add the food coloring. We did about 6 drops and it was plenty to give it beautiful colors on sidewalk. Put lid on bottle and shake it up till the whole bottle is color you want.

Repeat step 2 – 4 for all the colors you want to make. For added fun we did different measurements of ingredients to change the thickness of the paint.

Our results told us that too much flour made it way too thick, too much water made it to much like water. It was fun making a mess and then making some beautiful masterpieces on the driveway.

Shaving Cream and Cheese Puff Game

To play this game you will need one plastic cup, cheese puffs, shower caps, and shaving cream for each girl. Divide the girls into teams of 2. One player has a cup of cheese puffs. The other girl has a shower cap on her head. Shaving cream is placed on the top of the shower cap. Have teams stand across from each other 4 to 5 feet apart. When everyone is ready say GO! The players with the cheese puffs throws them at their teammate, aiming for the shower cap. When 2-3 minutes are up say STOP! The team that has the most cheese puffs on their shower cap wins. Switch and let the girls change places.

Shaving Cream Twister

You will need the Twister game, food coloring, or tempera paint, and lots of shaving cream. Mix shaving cream with food coloring or paint, to match the colors on the twister mat then play it and enjoy the mess.

*If you use food coloring it might stain so tempera paint is a good substitute.*

Shaving Cream Mess Search and Rescue

Have fun finding things in shaving cream. Great way to learn words/numbers/letters or to make it challenge to find words to make sentences. Gather a few supplies shaving cream, something to hide in shaving cream, container to hide items in. Prepare the activity. This is going to depend on the age of kids playing. For younger kids just write a letter or number on blocks, or bottom of items you are using to hide in shaving cream. The older they get the more complex you can make it. Maybe plan to have them find words to make sentence. Put everything in container and cover with shaving cream. Mix them around so they are all covered really good. Using hands kids will dig in to find the letters/number/words in order you tell them to. If you have multiple kids playing make it a timed challenge or just take turns finding the objects.

I hope your girls and adults have a great time. Make sure to have your cameras ready!

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