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How to Plan a Hawaiian Luau Party With Your Troop

How to Plan a Hawaiian Luau Party With Your Troop


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It’s the perfect time of the year to have a Hawaiian Luau. I’m going to make this party simple, but fun. We all know you need grass skirts and leis to make it traditional. Your girls can come dressed in shorts, capris, loose flowered or Hawaiian shirts, sundress, sandals or flip flops. If your girls want to be creative they could bring a plain colored shirt to a meeting prior, to the luau, and paint their own designs with flowers, palm trees, etc. If you want to provide some fun Hawaiian supplies here is a good set to get you started: Hawaiian fun


Decorations can be either handmade, store bought, or both. Banners, palm trees, flowers, pineapples, flamingos, sand pails, beachballs, sunglasses, seashells, etc. are all options. If you have a travel agency nearby, you could check and see if they have any old Hawaii posters they would like to donate. Luau music in the background makes it even more special.


There are so many choices for food. I have a few ideas to keep it simple but yummy. Cookies made to look like beach balls, grass skirts, flowers, palm trees are a fun options. You can use cookie cutters to cut watermelon into different shapes. Fruit kabobs on a skewer are simple and the girls can make their own. Have pre-cut melon, watermelon, kiwi, bananas, strawberries and grapes ready for the girls to create their own kabobs. If you make them ahead of time some may not like all the fruits options. One of your drink options could be pineapple juice with 7 up in a punch bowl. Freeze pieces of fruit prior to the Luau and place them in the punch bowl when you are mixing the pineapple punch. Tiki cups with an umbrellas and a crazy straws add a little excitement to the drink.

Game: Flip-Flop Toss

Hang a hula hoop where it can be suspended to a tree or where it can be hung above the ground by 2 poles. Each player gets a pair of flip-flops (they can use their own) Divide the group into 2 teams. The girls take turns trying to kick their flip-flop through the hula hoop while they are wearing them. The first team to get their flip-flops through the hula hoop wins.

Game: Musical Leis

Played like musical chairs except you place leis on the ground in a circle. When the music stops you grab a lei and put it around your neck. The person that doesn’t get one is out of the game. Take one lei away after each round. The girl with the last lei wins.

Game: Sand Bucket Relay Race

Divide your group into 2 teams. Fill the same kind of buckets with the same amount of sand and place a shovel in each bucket. Each player takes turns carrying, a shovel full of sand, to the empty bucket, at the opposite end into another bucket, without spilling it. The race is over when all the sand is emptied into the other bucket. The team that has the most sand in their bucket wins. ALOHA!

Hawaiian Theme Ceremony

We also created a fun Hawaiian theme for our ceremonies. The reusable bridge and sand art were part of the plan, but we also had Hawaiian decorations and music. You can see all the information in this blog post. If you wanted to add to the fun, you could serve pineapple and coconut-themed ice cream, desserts, or smoothies.

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