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Girl Scout Songs You Have to Learn

Girl Scout Songs You Have to Learn


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Do you ever have one of those days where you hear a song and suddenly, all these memories come flooding back? Music is so powerful, and it can carry so many beautiful stories. Some of my favorite memories are connected to singing songs at Girl Scout events and camps.

One amazing way that you can help your Girl Scouts have a fun time in your troops is to learn all the Girl Scout songs, and teach them to your scouts.

Now, it is important to note that while I perused the official Girl Scout Songbook, I noticed that there were a lot of mature themes that may not be appropriate, especially for younger girls. There were multiple mentions of kissing, nudity, and death in the songs, which are usually handled in a silly, light way in Girl Scout traditions and songs, but are still not probably topics that would be considered acceptable today.

There are also a lot of Christian messages in the songs, which is just important to be mindful of if your scouts aren’t all religious, or come from different religions. You want your scouts to be as comfortable as possible, and be able to focus on their badges.

I wanted to share some of my favorite songs that you could easily learn, that are fun, appropriate, and not about any particular faith tradition, to be as inclusive as possible. I highly recommend learning these songs and teaching them to your troop!

If you’re interested in checking out more, you can check out the full songbook, but as a troop leader, just make sure to use discretion and consider whether each song will be appropriate and comfortable for young girls.

Songs to Learn (With Lyrics):

1. Each Campfire Lights Anew

This is a beautiful, sentimental song that will bring a lovely feeling to any campfire with your scouts. You can teach it around the fire while eating s’mores and enjoy the music together, while singing about being new friends.


Each campfire lights anew,

The flame of friendship true.

The joy we’ve had in knowing you

Will last the whole year through.

And as the embers die away,

We wish that we might ever stay,

But since we cannot have our way,

We’ll come again some other day.

And though our paths may part,

We’ll keep you in our hearts,

And if we chance to meet again,

God bless us all, Amen.

The campfire light will throw,

A warm and friendly glow,

A radiance never burning low,

Wherever we may go.

2. The Frog Song

There are some camp songs that are a lot less serious, and it’s really fun to learn them and sing them with your girls! If you want to get the giggles going, teach your scouts this song and sing it with them in meetings or on hikes. It’s even better to get a good laugh while catching frogs outdoors!


(Tune: Brownie Smile Song)

I have something in my pocket

That I found behind a log

My leader said to put it back

But I want to keep my frog

It’s cool and green and slimy

And it squiggles in my hand

I also have a wooly worm

And a pocket full of sand

3. Walk With Me (AKA Kanga’s Song)

This is the perfect song about friendship that will instill good values into your scouts, and help them build relationships with each other.



Walk with me and talk with me and, say you’ll be my

friend. And together we’ll work out a harmony on a road

that will never end.

Although our roads are different, just watch as they

converge. We’ve gotta job to do together, And our song,

it must be heard.


We’re sisters for the summer, that’s what the children

say, But little do they know when they go away, our

friendships will never fade.


So when you’re down, I’ll build you up, and when you’re

up, I’ll laugh with you, and together we’ll find a peace of

mind that only two friends can find.


4. Boom Chicka Boom

This song is a classic! Plus, it invites your girls to be creative when they come up with the styles they want to sing about. It’s so fun to create your own words and hand gestures to go along with them.


Boom chicka boom (crowd repeats)

I said a boom chicka-boom! (crowd repeats)

I said a boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom!

(crowd repeats)

Uh huh! (crowd repeats)

Oh yeah! (crowd repeats)

One more time… (crowd repeats)

Someone shouts out a style. Choice could be:

Faster, slower, whisper, Southern, English, janitor style

broom-chicka-broom… then broom-chicka-sweepachicka-sweepa-chicka-broom, valley girl style,

photographer style, babystyle, underwater style,

motorcycle style (vrooom chicka vroom)

I hope teaching each new song to your scouts will help your troop grow closer together and build beautiful memories! If you have more fun campfire songs that you think other troop leaders should learn, please share them below in the comments.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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