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MORE Girl Scout Songs to Learn With Your Troop


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Whether you grew up in Girl Scouts or not, if you went to any summer camp, you have likely sang some Girl Scout songs! There are so many songs in the Girl Scout song book that have become popularized as mainstream camp songs (many with hand gestures) that are catchy and fun.

You can bring fun songs into your troop meetings and events, no matter what grade level you work with, and I’d love to help you find some you love!

Now, it is important to note that while I perused the official Girl Scout Songbook, I noticed that there were a lot of mature themes that may not be appropriate, especially for younger girls. There were multiple mentions of kissing, nudity, and death in the songs, which are usually handled in a silly, light way in Girl Scout traditions and songs, but are still not probably topics that would be considered acceptable today.

There are also a lot of Christian messages in Girl Scout songs, which is just important to be mindful of if your scouts aren’t all religious, or come from different religions. You want your scouts to be as comfortable as possible, and be able to focus on their badges.

I wanted to share some of my favorite songs that you could easily learn, that are fun, appropriate, and not about any particular faith tradition, to be as inclusive as possible. I highly recommend learning these songs and teaching them to your troop!

If you’re interested in checking out more, you can check out the full songbook, but as a troop leader, just make sure to use discretion and consider whether each song will be appropriate and comfortable for young girls and their parents. I also made a previous post about amazing Girl Scout songs your scouts will love.

Songs to Learn (With Lyrics):

The Brownie Smile Song

If you lead a group of Girl Scout Brownies, this song is a must! It’s an adorable, traditional song about the joy of being a Brownie.


I’ve got something in my pocket,

It belongs across my face.

I keep it very close to me,

In a most convenient place.

I’m sure you couldn’t guess it,

If you guessed a long, long while;

So I’ll take it out and put it on,


When’er You Make a Promise

While some Girl Scout songs are just silly and fun, others are a great way to teach life lessons to your scouts. This is one of them!


Whene’er you make a promise,

Consider well its importance

And when made,

Engrave it upon your heart.

Yes She Can

One of the best lessons you can teach your Girl Scout members is that they can grow up to be anything they want to be. Especially among older girls, it’s important that they know that they can dream big and reach success in any field they set their heart and mind to. Helping them achieve badges in areas they were previously unfamiliar with is a great way to help them gain this perspective, but songs like this one will help your scouts gain confidence that will last a lifetime.


(To the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”

Can a woman fly an airplane?

Yes, she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman build a building?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman fight a fire? Can a woman change a tire? Can a woman lead a choir?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman be a lawyer?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman fix an engine?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman be a drummer? Can a woman be a plumber? Can she play ball in the summer?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman be a doctor?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman drive a tractor?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Can a woman lead a nation? Can she run a TV station? Can she head a corporation?

Yes she can, Yes she can.

Just you wait until we’re older, Then you’ll see, then you’ll see.

We’ll be women in tomorrow’s history, history.

As we grow up through the years, we can sing out loud and clear,

Can we start the process here, Yes we can, Yes we can!

The Princess Pat (a repeat song)

Who doesn’t like a song that comes in two parts? This song is so fun to sing in groups, because you can split your Girl Scout troop in two and elect girls to direct each side as they repeat each line.


Verse 1:

“The Princess Pat

Lived in a tree

She sailed across

The 7 seas

She sailed across

the Channel 2

And she took with her

a rig of bamboo

Now captain Jack

Had a mighty fine crew

He sailed across

The Channel 2

But his ship sank

And yours will too

If you don’t take

A rig of bamboo”

Verse 2:

“A rig of bamboo

Now what is that?

It’s something made

For the Princess Pat

It’s red and gold

And Purple too

That’s why it’s called

A rig of bamboo

Now the Princess Pat

Saved Captain Jack

She pulled him out

She saved his life

And his crews too.

Do you know how?

With a rig of bamboo

A rig of bamboo”

I hope teaching each of these Girl Scout songs to your scouts will help your troop grow closer together and build beautiful memories! If you have more fun campfire songs that you think other troop leaders should learn, please share them below in the comments.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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