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Garden Fairy Activity Kit for the 10 Petals and Flower Center


This activity program was designed to fulfill the requirements for all 10 Daisy Petals and Promise Center or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges.

The petal fairy program will take your girls on a garden adventure with their new petal fairy friends who need your girls help to plant their flowers, water their gardens, and in return the petal fairies will help your girls learn how to live by the 10 fairy laws one activity at a time.

What is included in kit…

  • A 36-page leader guide for running your fairy petal meetings.
    • Easy to prep lists of what you need at the beginning of each petal section.
    • Track your girls progress using the petal tracker sheet.
    • 13 worksheets or templates for completing activities and crafts.
  • A 14-page girl fairy activity booklet.
    • Girls will cut and paste images onto a garden scene.
    • Petal fairies will share ways your girls can live by the fairy petal law.
    • Your girls will have a follow up question to answer in their fairy book.

What to expect…

  • Girls will complete the following activities:
    • Practice and learn: Activities to help your Daisies understand what each of the petal laws mean.
    • Be creative: Crafts to help your Daisies understand the petal law.
    • Get moving: Play games to help your Daisies understand the petal law.
    • Put what they learn into action: Put the law into action with activities and service projects.
    • Several additional activities and songs to add to your troops meeting are found throughout the leader guide.

Upgrade your girl’s fairy booklet experience: Petal Fairy Sticker Activity Booklet for each girl is a spiral bound book with 95 stickers and includes the 13 worksheets mentioned in leader guide so no need to print any additional resources. Mailed to your home.

Upgrade your experience: Petal Fairy Leader Guide & Sticker Fairy Activity Booklet Bundle, this will include a perfect bound leader guide and one spiral bound sticker book for the leader. It will also include the digital version of the guide, so you can start planning now.


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