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15 Graces To Use For Your Meals At Troop Meetings And Events

on November 15, 2015

As a Girl Scout leader you may decide you want to have your girls do grace before having a meal or snack at a meeting. There are a lot of different graces out there and today I will share with you 15 that I have used many times.

How can I use graces? My troop has used many different types of Graces; we usually assign one group to be in charge of the grace. At Day camp we had 5 groups and let each group decide how to teach the other girls, some used poster boards or repeat after me approach but one way that I remembered that worked very well the whole group of girls took paint stirrer’s and put a small poster board glued to it with the words this way the girls were able to cover more area’s for everyone to read.

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15 Graces To Use With Your Troop

Zip- A- Dee- Doo -Dah Grace

Tune: “Zip- A -Dee –Doo- Dah”

Zip a dee do dah, Zip a dee ay
We are grateful for your blessing today
We’ve plenty to eat, to drink and to share
We sit at your table and see love everywhere.

We Gather

Tune: “My Bonnie”

We gather to ask for your blessing
We gather to thank you in prayer
Please bless all this food we are sharing
And keep us in your tender care.

Do Wah Diddy Grace

Tune: “Do Wah Diddy(There she goes walkin down the street)

Thank you Lord for the food that we receive
Singing do wa didy diddy dum diddy doo
Thanks to Thee for bread and butter and the meat
Looks good…..(echo-Looks Good)
Taste Fine…..(echo-Tastes Fine)
Looks good, Tastes fine
And we praise God all the time
Singing do wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo.

Bless Our Food

Tune: Make New Friends

Bless our food
We share with friends today
Grant us peace and love along the way

Alphabet’ Grace

Tune: ABC Song

Thank you, God for feeding me.

Bless This Food’ Grace

Tune: Jingle Bells

Bless this food,
Bless this food,
Bless this very meal.
God you are so good to me,
This is how I feel.

Adam’s Family Grace

Tune: Adam’s Family Theme

Da-da-da-dum(snap, snap)
Da-da-da-dum(snap, snap)

We thank You, Lord for giving
The things we need for living
Like food and fun and friendship,
We thank You, Lord, today.

Come Good GS

Tune: Jesus Loves Me

Come Good GS
Bow your heads
Thank the lord for this good bread
Thank him for the whole world too
This is what we GS do

‘God Is Great’ Grace

Tune: London Bridge

God is great and God is good
God is good, God is good
Let us thank him for this food

‘Let’s Join Hands’ Grace

Tune: Mary had a little lamb

Let’s join hands and give our thanks,
Give our thanks, give our thanks,
Let’s join hands and give our thanks,
Give our thanks to God.

‘Lovely Treat’ Grace

Tune: This old man

Bread and jam, Bread and jam,
I am grateful, yes I am
I thank God kindly for the food I eat.
Thank Him for this lovely treat.

Superman Grace

Thank you God for giving us food (fist to right)
Thank you God for giving us food (fist to left)
For the food we eat, (fist to right)
And the friends we meet (fist to left)
Thank you God for giving us food (fist to right)

‘God Our Father’ Grace

Tune: Frere Jacques

God Our Father, God Our Father,
Thanks we give, thanks we give
For thy many blessings, For thy many blessings
Amen, Amen.

God is Great

Tune: Rock Around the Clock

God is great, God is good
And we’re gonna thank Him for our food
We’re gonna thank Him morning, noon and night
We’re gonna thank You, Lord, you’re outta sight!
Amen amen amen, amen

Learn a Grace Using Sign Language

Enjoy these graces

Here are some other ideas to use at your meetings:

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