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How to Use Scout Cash with Your Girl Scout Troop


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If you're looking for a way to make your troop meetings more engaging and educational, Scout Cash is a fantastic tool to incorporate. Scout Cash is a currency system designed to teach girls about financial literacy while having fun. Here's how you can use Scout Cash with your troop:

How to Us Scout Cash

I started using scout cash as a fun way for girls to be more responsible. Gain more interest in participating in events, service projects, and more. Girls earned scout cash (play money) for things they do in troop.

Assign values to activities

Determine how much Scout Cash each activity or task is worth. For example, attending a troop meeting might earn 10 Scout Cash, while completing a badge could earn 50 Scout Cash.

The girls in my troop earned it for everything they did. If they followed directions and completed what was expected (responsible what I say and Do).

For a few examples 

  • when they turn all forms in on time
  • be on time for meetings/events
  • sell at a cookie booth
  • participate in the service projects 

We would also give bonuses for top sellers in both fall products and cookies.

Set Up a Store

Create a mini store with a variety of items that the girls can "purchase" with their Scout Cash. This could include small toys, craft supplies, or even special outings. Assign values to these items based on their perceived cost or value.

Track earnings and spending

Keep a record of each girl's Scout Cash earnings and spending. This can be done using a spreadsheet or a simple notebook. Encourage the girls to save their Scout Cash and make thoughtful decisions about what they want to "buy" from the store.

Hold regular store days

Set aside specific days or meetings where the girls can use their Scout Cash to shop at the store. This can add an element of excitement and anticipation to the troop activities.

Teach financial literacy

Take the opportunity to teach the girls about budgeting, saving, and making wise financial choices. Discuss the importance of saving for bigger rewards and how to prioritize their spending.

Above and Beyond Award Table

We had a above and beyond table for girls who went above what was expected. For example we asked everyone to sell 10 fall products and girls who went above that and sold 20 or more got a above and beyond ticket, perfect attendance, helping clean up without asking, helping another girl, the list goes on. We had these tickets that we handed out at each meeting.

I am not telling you that you need to bribe your girls to do a good job and live by the GS law, there are times we wouldn’t even give tickets, and girls would step up and do things without being asked. We did this because just like us adults girls love incentives, earning things, getting rewarded for doing things. IT WAS JUST PLAIN FUN!

Scout Cash Printable

If you're looking for a free printable to use for Scout Cash in your troop, you're in luck! Here's a simple template you can use.

How do you keep track of money for each girl?

We purchased fabric pencil cases and let each girl decorate their bag at beginning of year. Then at each meeting they can pull out their case and if they earned any money we gave them at end of meeting. Each girl was responsible to put money into their case and zip it up. We didn’t let them take them home rather we had a place in our storage space at meeting to keep so no one would forget to bring back. 

By incorporating Scout Cash into your troop's activities, you can make learning about finance and budgeting fun and engaging. The girls will not only gain important life skills but will also feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement as they earn and spend their Scout Cash. 

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!