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4 pillars of Girl Scouts

Unlocking Adventure: Exploring the 4 Program Pillars of Girl Scouts


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In today's blog post, we're diving into the exciting world of Girl Scouts and exploring the 4 Program Pillars of Girl Scouts that form the foundation of this incredible organization. These pillars -  outdoor skills, STEM, Life Skills and entrepreneurship - provide girls with a well-rounded experience that empowers them to be confident, independent, and capable young women.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The index card tower STEM project is a fun and engaging activity that combines science, technology, engineering, and math skills. By using only index cards and their problem-solving abilities, girls can construct towers that are not only tall and stable but also aesthetically pleasing. This project encourages girls to think critically, work collaboratively, and apply their creativity to design and build a tower that meets specific criteria, such as height or weight-bearing capacity. Through this hands-on experience, girls develop important STEM skills, including spatial reasoning, structural engineering, and the ability to test and iterate their designs. It's a great way for girls to explore STEM concepts while having a blast!

Stem Activities with girls

Outdoor Skills

Something that happens in the open air not in a building or shelter.

Toothpick Barnyard is a fun and interactive game that not only keeps the girls engaged but also teaches them about camouflage. The game requires 100 toothpicks, with 25 each of four different colors. Alternatively, you can use colored pom-poms or string for younger scouts.

Divide the girls into two teams and have them practice making the animal noise of their assigned group. Each team selects a captain who carries a paper bag. Set clear boundaries for the search area and caution the girls about sharp toothpicks in the grass.

Once the game starts, the teams rush out to the designated area to find the toothpicks or replacements. When a toothpick is found, the player must make the animal noise associated with their team, and only the team captain can pick up the toothpick.

After 5 minutes, gather the girls and discuss which colors were found first and why. This prompts a discussion on animals that use camouflage.


Entrepreneurship is a valuable and empowering skill that Girl Scouts can learn and develop. By encouraging entrepreneurship within the Girl Scout community, girls can gain practical experience in starting and running their own businesses. This not only teaches them important skills but also instills confidence, creativity, and a sense of independence.

One way to promote entrepreneurship is by organizing workshops or guest speaker sessions where successful women entrepreneurs can share their experiences and insights. This allows girls to learn from real-life examples and gain inspiration for their own business ventures.

Another idea is to create a "Girl Scout Marketplace" where girls can showcase and sell their products or services. This provides them with a platform to practice their business skills, interact with customers, and learn about marketing and sales techniques. It also encourages collaboration and camaraderie among Girl Scouts as they support and promote each other's businesses.

Life Skills

A skill that is necessary or desirable in everyday life.

Girl Scouts offers a diverse range of life skills programming that empowers girls to develop practical skills and adopt positive values. Through financial literacy education, girls learn the importance of budgeting, saving, and making smart financial decisions. Civic engagement activities encourage girls to become community advocates, using their voices to make a difference. Community service projects help girls develop empathy and a sense of responsibility towards others. With these skills, Girl Scouts inspire girls to overcome challenges and build strong, healthy relationships that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!