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Girl Scout Yarn Activities

6 Fun Crafts and Games With Yarn To Use At Your Troop Meeting


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Once a year I recommend you take inventory of supplies on hand because you just can’t believe how fast left over supplies add up. That is what sparked the idea to come up with a number of Crafts and Games With Yarn. 

I realized our troop we were accumulating a lot of extra yarn and string so I decided it was time to start using it, below is a few of the ideas our troop did to use up some of the yarn and string laying around in our storage closet.

Crafts and Games With Yarn

Spoon on a yarn game

Divide the girls into teams. Each team will need a yarn ball that is long enough to link all the team members together. The team needs to stand in a line and pass the spoon from one girl to the next passing it through their clothes, (sewing themselves together) once the line is sewed together they reverse it and unsew themselves first team done wins.

Yarn Easter Hunt

You can customize this for any type of hunt. But for my example lets talk Easter. At your Easter party take multiple balls of yarn and string them all over your troops meeting location up stairs around chair legs, under tables, over and under other yarn. Then at end of the yarn path place a Easter basket for each girl. So you will need to create as many paths as you have of girls. Of course adjust the difficulty based on your girls age. When your all done your meeting place should look like a big spider web. The girls will start at the beginning of their string and wind up the ball until they get to end where their basket was located.

Easter Yarn Hunt

Worms and Snakes

You will want to form teams, and you can use any colors but if you want to be realistic possibly use brown yarn(worms) and green yarn (snakes) . Cut the two colors of yarn all different sizes being sure you hide at least the same length of string for both teams or more, cut apart. (if you have a large group add another different color yarn) Each team has to have a captain, this person ties each piece of yarn brought to them so make sure its someone that can tie. On go everyone else on team must go find pieces of their worm or snake. Each team member can only bring one piece at a time to the captain. The team with the longest finished yarn(worm or snake) wins. We had a 5 minute time limit on it and all yarn has to be connected at the 5 minute mark.

Tiger Tail Stomp

Give each girl a piece of yarn long enough to tuck in her pants and drag a little on floor. Tell each girl they are tigers and they have to try to stomp on the other tiger’s tail and pull it off, but while doing this they had to try to keep their tails on. This was a no shoes game for safety.

Yarn Bug

If you have Junior Scouts make a yarn bug to go along with your Journey Get Moving book. The girls could each make their bug to represent part of something they learned in the journey, (bug holding a message). You can get instructions to make a yarn bug here.

Yarn Art

Yarn glued to paper may seem a simple task, but girls can create complicated designs worthy of hanging on the wall. Provide each girl with a large piece of paper, pencil, scissor, glue and assorted yarn. Girls sketch a design on the paper, such as pine trees in a field. Each girl dips a length of yarn in white glue and positions the yarn over the pencil marks to flesh out the picture. Add details, such as a bird in the sky, with markers once the yarn dries.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!