DIY Craft: How to Make a Snowman Costume

on December 05, 2020

Snowman Costume

Difficulty: Hard
Great for

5th – 12th grade girls

Estimate time to make



Learn how to make a cute Snowman Costume using papier mache to make the head. Great for your troops next Christmas parade, Christmas caroling, or cermony. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

How to make craft

  • You can use Papier mache mix and prepare it or you can also mix glue and water together in tray to make a thick paste.
  • Next cut the newspaper into strips and dip it into the paste. Drape the strips of newspaper over the balloon making sure to overlap it and cover it well because you want the snowman head to be sturdy when completed.
  • Once you have the balloon completely covered you need to let the papier mache balloon dry for a day or two depending on how thick the layers of newspaper are.
  • When everything is dry you will pop the balloon which will leave a hollow paper mache shell. You will need scissors or a box cutter to cut the bottom out where your head will go in. Then measure out where your eyes will be and cut out the two holes for eyes as well.
  • Now you can start painting the snowman head. You can use any paint you like. I would recommend poster paint. Depending how thick you paint it may need more than one layer. Optionally add glitter to the paint and make the snowman glittery.
  • Once the paint has dried, add the carrot nose using orange felt, you can use felt for the mouth and black felt around the eyes as well, hot glue works great. The final piece is optional add hair or give the snowman a top hat.
  • The rest of the body is covered with white sweat top and pants, add a vest, put felt down front for buttons add a scarf and you have a complete costume. Use for Christmas Parade, Ceremony, Christmas Caroling and more!


  • This is a great idea for a Christmas parade or a Winter themed ceremony!
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