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A Fun DIY Mother's Day Craft


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Since Mother’s Day occurs in May, it’s a great time to get crafting with your troop! There are so many fun ideas you can incorporate into your meetings, but this one might take the cake. This craft uses the girls’ hands to make a lovely suncatcher that mom can enjoy forever. It’s made with simple materials and super fun to put together. Keep reading to see how easy it is.

Sourced from The Best Ideas for Kids blog. This site has some amazing ideas and I just loved this one and had to share.

What You Will Need for the Mother’s Day Craft

The materials needed for this suncatcher craft are quite easy to find. Just head to your local Walmart, craft store, or Dollar Tree to find everything. Here’s what you will need:

  • Colorful Tissue Paper
  • Contact Paper, Laminating Paper, or Clear Sticker Paper
  • Pen to trace the hands
  • Scissors

See, I told you the materials were pretty simple! They are small enough and simple enough to bring to your outdoor or indoor meetings. Some of the parents may even have the supplies needed.

How to Make the Mother’s Day Craft

Making this craft is easy! Just follow these simple steps.

  1. First, cut out small squares of the colorful tissue paper. If your troop is younger and needs help with cutting, they can tear the tissue paper instead.
  2. Next, lay down a large sheet of contact paper sticky side up (Make sure the piece you use is large enough that when you fold it over itself it will cover the whole handprint).
  3. Then, place the small squares of tissue paper all over the sticky side of the contact paper. Remind the girls to fill all the empty space so the sun shines through the colors.
  4. Now, take another sheet of contact paper and lay it on top of what you just worked on, sticky side down.
  5. Last, have the girls trace their two hands together with pointer fingers touching and thumbs touching, creating a heart in the center. Cut out what you traced, including the heart in the center. (Be sure to keep the thumbs and pointer fingers connected so when you unfold it, the heart shape is in the middle).

You may notice that the contact paper doesn’t stick together because the tissue paper is keeping the sticky parts from touching. It will still hang fine on the window this way, or you can tape the edges closed. An alternate idea is to place another layer of contact paper over the craft and cut it out a little thicker than the original tracing to let some contact paper touch and cling.

Give the Craft as a Mother’s Day Gift

Once the girls are finished, let them give their crafts to their moms for Mother’s Day. They are easy to tuck inside a card or to write a message on with a Sharpie marker.

The moms will love getting this sweet gift. Who doesn’t love a handprint craft from their child? It will bring mothers so much joy as they look at them hanging in the window this spring.

Use Them All Year Long

These Mother’s Day Crafts aren’t only good for May! They make great gifts and crafts for any time of year. Use green and red tissue paper for a holiday craft, or a loved one’s favorite colors for their birthday. The possibilities are endless and making this craft a thoughtful gift and card for anyone is a great idea.

Have fun crafting with your troop!

This craft idea was taken from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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