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Girl Scouts Making Friends

5 Fun Activities to help you earn the Brownie Making Friends Badge


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One of the questions many adults find themselves asking is how people make friends! No matter what age you’re at, there are lots of new things to learn when it comes to making friends. Earning a Brownie Making Friends Badge is a surefire way to help girls learn the valuable lessons of friendship.

Equipping them with the skills to develop meaningful connections with others is an invaluable asset they can use as they grow. Below are some fun activities that will help girls create meaningful relationships with their peers. So, if you’re ready to help your troop embark upon their social journey, let’s get started.

Ideas to Earn the Brownie Making Friends Badge

Friends meeting new friends

The first thing to happen in any new friendship is an introduction! When your scouts need to earn this badge, their Girl Scout sisters will be the ultimate resource.

One great way to make this badge fun is to let each scout bring a special guest, and do multiple introduction exercises. For example, you can line up each scout with their guest and let the scouts practice introducing their guests to their friends in their troop and vice versa. The first girl will introduce her guest to a scout and the scout to her guest, and then the next girl will introduce her guest to a scout and the scout to her guest. This will help your girls feel solid in their ability to introduce friends to each other.

Friends caring about each other

Have the girls choose a specific friend that they can learn how to show them they care. One fun activity that can help them show they care in a new way is for your girls and their friends to take an online love languages test. Now, some love languages tests are for adult romantic couples, while others are more age-appropriate for childhood friends, so make sure your girls have access to one that would work for them.

After your girls and their friends take the love languages tests and share their results with each other, you can encourage your Girl scout members to come up with creative ways to show love to their friends according to their love language. For example, if their friend’s love language is words of affirmation, they could write them a kind, encouraging note. If it’s quality time, they can plan a fun time to hang out, and so on.

Friends sharing favorite activities

A big part of friendship is doing fun activities together. Girls need to find some fun things to do with their friends and enjoy them together! They could have a tea party, get some movie tickets, cook delicious recipes together, or play some fun games together. 

If you need extra ideas or simply want a ready-made hangout get one of the game activity booklets from site and lead them in that during meeting. 

Friends learning how to disagree

One of the things that leads to tension in a relationship is disagreements. However, if your scouts learn about fair play when it comes to disagreements, they don’t have to be as big of a deal.

One creative way to teach your girls about disagreements is to have them create a video demonstration on how to disagree amicably. Before they create the video, they will have to brainstorm some discussion points that they and their friend disagree with. While these could be hard-hitting topics, they could be smaller disagreements, like whether they should watch a superhero movie or a comedy. In the video, they will show the disagreement and how to best handle it. The next time they have an argument or debate, they will feel more confident in how to handle the situation.

Friendship in action

Maintaining friendships is one of those essential life skills you don’t usually learn in school, but it’s part of the Girl Scout way, and it’s something everyone needs to learn. Part of maintaining friendships is learning new things about your long-time friends. Encourage your scouts to sit down with an old friend and ask them lots of questions they don’t know about the person.

If possible, encourage them to take this new information and act on it in some way. For example, if your scout just found out that their friend has always wanted to try skating, troop could go skating together!

You could also make friendship bracelets together, there are a lot of options to make different kinds. My favorite are always the bead style bracelets, here is a large kit perfect for a troop of girls.

Like I always say, the goal is to give each Girl Scout such a positive experience that they want to be a lifetime member. When your scouts are finished with this badge, they’ll know how to be a good friend, and will hopefully have some positive memories that they will look back on fondly.

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!