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5 Fun Activities To Earn the Brownie Meet My Customers Badge

5 Fun Activities To Earn the Brownie Meet My Customers Badge


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A very popular badge during cookie season is Meet My Customers for 2nd and 3rd graders. Today I will share some ideas to make your meetings more fun while teaching your girls more about customers they will be selling to during cookie season. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Meet My Customers Activity Booklet

Before jumping into a few ideas, do you want to skip all the planning? If so, use this Activity Booklet with interactive activities and games that teach girls more about how to find customers, how to handle money and make change while selling to customers. They will also learn how to handle different customer reactions to being approached for a sale and of course the importance of thanking customers when purchasing. With a step by step activities, you can’t ask for an easier way to run your meeting. Learn more about this activity booklet and get yours today!

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Other Fun Activities To Try

Understanding Money Matching

Learning about money and how much things cost and how it is broke down into dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies can be a boring subject. However with the help of some added resources you can make it more fun. First you will need to get the Learning resources money activity set from Amazon. Then let your imagination go wild.

Few ideas to get you started…

  • Use the puzzle pieces and create a game where girls each have one side – one girl has product and amount, while other girl is walking around with how much it is with the dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Then have everyone walk around and find pair.
  • You can put the money break down pieces all around room on floor and give each girl one of the products with amounts. They have to run around room and find the money that goes with it.

Thank Your Customers

One very important part of a fundraiser is finding a way to thank our customers. You can have the girls make cards and then photocopy them so they have them to give to customers when they deliver orders. Another awesome resource that has a variety of different type of thank you is Etsy. You can get folded thank you cards, tags for product, stickers to put right on product, editable cards and more. If you have internet access at your meetings have your girls browse Etsy for their favorite thank you, and set a plan to thank your customers this year.

Cookie Hole – Practice Making Change

credit idea to mom who pinned this to pinterest: Kelly Audia

What you need: Play money, beanbags, empty cookie boxes.

How to play:

  1. Played similar to corn hole. Put girls in two different groups, using bean bags to throw into boxes and add up how many boxes they bought.
  2. Then using play money buy the boxes and have another girl on team make the change.

Cookie Season Humor

This video is just funny, but you can also talk to your girls about what makes the cookie fundraiser stand out from other fundraisers and sales.

What do we do after your girls complete the activities?

Well of course give them the badge to display proudly on their vest, they earned it! Additionally If you are like many leaders we want to award our girls when they complete something even beyond just the patch. One great way to show achievement is with a certificate. Don’t worry you don’t have to make them, I found a resource that has done all the work for you and all you have to do is print them and customize the certificates with each girl’s name, badge or award earned, date, and troop leader. Editable certificates perfect for awarding girls after earning a badge.

Related Activities For Multi-level Troops

If you have a multi-level troop you may want to use one of the variations to this program that is geared toward the age of your girls.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!