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20 Fun Games for a Minute to Win It Party with Your Girl Scout Troop

20 Fun Games for a Minute to Win It Party with Your Girl Scout Troop


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Are you looking for the next big fun event to do with your troop or maybe your service unit. Have you ever heard of the Minute to Win it game show? If not let me real quick explain it. It is a game show where the participates has 60 seconds to complete a task that could allow them to win a million dollars by completing 10 different challenges using household items. Many of these challenges are things we have laying around our home or can get ahold of: Kleenex, rubber bands, plastic cups, oreos, etc..

We put together a Minute to Win it boot camp and party night. Where we put girls into teams and gave them one hour to practice all the different events. The following day we had a Minute to Win It Challenge game where each group picked one participate to battle the others to complete the game in one minute

One of the funniest games we played was Junk in the Trunk where a contestant had to shake off 8 ping pong balls out of an empty tissue box attached to their waist. And they had to do it without any hands. It was fun to watch the kids but even funnier when we got the leaders involved.

This is an event where you will have lots of laughs and great photos and memories to share for years to come. Not to mention you can change up the supplies to fit in any themed event or party.

20 Minute to Win It Games For Your Next Party

Cookie on the Face

You will give each player a cookie. They have to put it on forehead and only using face muscles move it from forehead to mouth.

Variation: If you need minute to win it style challenges with a Juliette Gordon Low theme check out this 20 Juliette Low Challenges Activity Booklet

What Gravity?

Each girl is given 3 balloons. They have to keep all 3 in the air for a whole minute. You can have them play off between two people or do whole troop. Depends on space you have for activity.

Do Golf Balls Stack?

Give each girl 3 golf balls. Even though they are round you can stack them its just not as easy as it looks. They have to get it to stack and stand in place for 3 seconds to win

Division of Colors

Using the plastic cups you have gathered you can give each girl a pile of m & m’s or skittles. You will need enough cups to represent each color. Set a timer and they have to separate colors into correlated cups whomever separates the most in minute wins.

Cup Stack Challenge

You can do this a number of different ways – Give each girl the number of solo cups you want them to challenge each other with. We used 36 with a base of 8 at bottom. They have to speed race stacking it then taking it back down. Challenge them individually timing themselves, challenge head to head, or challenge the whole group.

Crepe Streamer Wrap

Give each girl two rolls of crepe paper and they have to unwind them as fast as possible using their arms. Compete against other girls who can do it the fastest.

Moving Cotton Balls

Put a little vaseline on your girls nose, give them a bowl full of cotton balls. Set a timer and tell them they have 1 minute to move as many cotton balls from bowl to floor with only their nose. The laughter and giggles will make you smile as a leader, this one was a favorite for my girls.

Mummy Wrap

This is a group challenge – Using toilet paper have teams of 2 or 3 girls wrap one of the girls on team. Give each team same amount of rolls of paper and winner is team that wraps the girl the fastest, and then judge the best mummy.

Yo Yo Knock Down

Tie a yo-yo around waste and set up 5 or 6 cans around the player. Using hips they have to move yo-yo to knock down the empty cans. You can do it timing each girl who can do fastest, or have them go head to head with other girls. No matter how you do it, the fun is just watching the girls moving around trying to get a yo-yo to hit cans sitting around the room.

Don’t Let Them Fall

The girls were in teams of two for this challenge; each team had 15 cans and 4 paper plates. When the clock started the girls place the first can and plate. They continue to add to each layer. The second layer has 2 cans and plate and then 3 cans and plate. This continued until the top layer had 5 cans and a final plate.

Hit the Card

Using clothes pins hook playing cards on end and lay them out in row. Girls will get on stomach with rubber bands and try to hit the playing cards one by one until all down. You can do as teams so two teams go head to head or individually, but girls liked doing it as group when I did this activity.

Noodle Plus Can Challenge

This is a partner activity. Find a partner and using a spaghetti noodle string it through a empty soda can. Place two chairs side by side. The girls have to use their mouth on each side of can and work together to move from one chair to the other. If noodle breaks start over and try again. First pair to finish wins.

Balance Dice

Give each girl a Popsicle stick (wider ones are better) Girls will put in their mouth and have to stack 5 dice on top of each other on the stick and hold in mouth. This is very challenging so I wouldn’t recommend timing girls just see who can do it first.

Move the Solo Cup

For this challenge you need 25 solo cups for each girl and make sure one is a different color then rest. They will start with one that is a different color at bottom. Then they have to move the different color cup to top by moving the current top one to the bottom. Continue that pattern till its to the top. First girl to finish is winner.

Cup Drop

You will need 3 solo cups and white index paper that is larger than the cups. You will stack them on top of one another with papers in between each level. Then you have to pull the papers out quick enough to drop the cup inside the next cup so at end you have 3 cups inside one another. It is much harder than it looks. But a lot of fun to challenge one another to do it.

String those Noodles

Using a piece of uncooked spaghetti in their mouth the girls have to pick up six penne noodles. Instead of timing it just see who can do it first.

Upside down Can Stack

You will need empty soda cans and paper plates. The goal of this activity is to stack the cans and cups upside down with one can at bottom holding up the tower. How high can you make your tower without it falling down. Set a timer or challenge another group. However you set up challenge the girls will have a blast.

Move the Ping Pong Ball

This one you could use cardboard pieces or lids to totes and give each girl a ping pong ball and have a start line and a end line. They have to wave the cardboard to make air to move the ping pong ball across the floor to other side of room.

Tissue Throw

Girls will only use one hand to empty a tissue box.

Need More Ideas?

You can pretty much make any task part of the minute to win it game. Come up with something you want your girls to try to do and tell them they have a minute to complete. Or take the planning out of it and get this 237 Minute to Win It Challenges for Duels, Teams, Parties kit from Amazon.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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