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7 Fun Activities and Games for a Baby Day Out Party with Your Girls


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A Baby Day Out party or campout is great for any age troop. Add a service project to the event by collecting baby items to donate to a community outreach program for low income mothers in your area.

Make it a costume party, have each girl/adult attending dress up as a baby or a young child. You can award prizes based on a list of clothing (example…wore a diaper, bib, had a bottle, hair in pig tails, pacifier, also if they had a teddy bear or doll) Give a bonus if any of the girls/adult dressed up with a dirty diaper. We had one girl that got the bonus; this was a very successful and fun event. Each item they had they got treat plus scout cash.

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Baby Party Inspiration

For many leaders we haven’t had a baby in our home for a long time. This would mean you probably have no idea where to start thinking about the baby party. What are some things I should know about babies to make this party super fun? There are endless websites out there that can give you that inspiration. But I want to point you to one that covers everything and best part it is called Think Baby. Which is what you need to do to really throw a amazing baby party THINK BABY!

Games For Baby Day Out

Pass the Pacifier

Divide the groups into teams mixing different levels and adults in each group. Each player gets a straw, Daisies and Brownies have them hold their straws in their hands but everyone else have to put straws in mouth with no hands. The teams had to pass the pacifier from one to another. If you are mixed age group put the daisies and brownies staggered within the groups. Once the girl/adult completed the pass they sit down so it was easier to know which team won.

Baby's Day Out Camp OutThe Rice and Safety Pins game

We divided everyone into 3 teams and created a mixture of rice and safety pins for each team.(Hint: all bowls should be of same size) Each team member had to go to the bowl and find 10 safety pins (pins only no rice) and return back to the team and the next person in the team does the same this continues until all the team has completed the relay. First team completes wins. Team members sat down after they got their pins to show which team completed first.

Save the Baby

Using little plastic babies put into a small Dixie cups with water and freeze them. Then give each girl a frozen ice cube and they had to get it to melt anyway they can, first one to get the baby out of the frozen water won. You could do 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Feed the baby

This one is really fun but very messy; so be sure to cover the floor with plastic before you began. Have one girl be the mommy in this game and one to be the baby. Put a small plastic garbage bag around each girl’s neck to help with some of the mess. The girl that plays mommies’ use scarf to blind fold them and give them a single serving of applesauce and a spoon. She then has to feed the baby (partner) with the applesauce, only thing the baby can do is hold their mouth open. When we did this we used applesauce but you could chocolate Pudding as well. It was one of the funniest things we have ever seen, but be prepared for pudding or applesauce hair.

Baby's Day Out Camp OutClothespin Relay

This game will give the girls a idea of the many jobs a mother must do all at the same time. Hang up a clothes line, form three teams, you need 3 baby dolls, 3 towels, and 2 clothes pins the spring type and a cordless phone for each team. The girls each had to hang the towel on the line while holding the baby and pretend they were talking to someone on the phone, after they got the towel up and pinned they need to take back off, then go back to her team line and pass everything to the next person inline, the next girl runs up and repeats the same thing. This continued till all girls had completed the relay. First team done won.

Dress the Baby

Dolls about the same size, onesie, diapers, socks shoes, shirt and pants etc. for each baby-doll. Form small teams, each team races to see who can dress the baby doll first. Each team must have everything on the baby correctly, and yell finished. Points will be taken off for missing articles or articles not on right. This also could be a time event using a stop watch.

Baby's Day Out Camp OutDirty Diaper

We took several baby diapers and put plastic wrap on them, we purchase several types of candy bars and crushed them up and placed on different diapers. Each girl was given a paper that was numbered for each diaper. We gave a clue we had the candy wrappers off to the side so they could try to match which diaper had what candy bar. We had a pile of tooth picks for each diaper no double dipping so if they wanted to take a taste, told you it was gross, but the girls loved it. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!