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Review of an Amazing Robotics Kit - Perfect for Your Daisy or Brownie Scout Troop!

Review of an Amazing Robotics Kit - Perfect for Your Daisy or Brownie Scout Troop!


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Are you a leader of a Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout troop and looking for a fun, educational way to get your girls excited about STEM? Look no further! This blog post will review the “Critter Bot Robotics Kit” and explain why it’s the perfect tool to get girls involved in robotics while having a great time. You can use this to help earn the robotic badges as well. Let me tell you more.

Overview of the Critter Bot Robotic Kit

First let me share with you exactly what this robotic kit is. The Critter Bot Robotic Kit is an enriching and fun way to engage your girls in STEM! Designed to inspire and challenge kids ages 6 to 10, the Critter Bot offers a unique and exciting building experience that is sure to jumpstart their robotic dreams. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions, even the younger girls in your troop can quickly assemble their own vibrating robot with just a few pre-prepared parts.

Not only will your troop have a blast creating their own Critter Bot, but they’ll learn important engineering principles in the process.

Check out the quick video below shows my kids final product.

How to Use the Critter Bot Robotic Kit

Right out of the box your girls can get started with the project. There are templates to color and design custom robots. Let them use their imagination to come up with a very unique vibrating robot. The booklet that comes with them is not only very clear with instructions there are pictures to allow the girls to follow along with process even if they cannot quite read yet. We worked on the robots for about a hour. Between coloring, putting them together, discussing the science behind why they vibrate, and then of course playing with them it was a action packed hour.

Completed Robots

How to Use Critter Bot Robotic to Earn Badges

The company that made this robotic set had Girl Scouts in mind and has some great resources to utilize this robotic kit to help earn the robotic badges. Check out this short video below that tells you all about it.

Final Thoughts on Kit

Overall, the Critter Bot robotics kit is an ideal way to introduce your Daisy or Brownie Scout troop to robotics and engineering. With a comprehensive range of components and a user-friendly design, the Critter Bot Kit is perfect for learning and having fun. With the tips provided, you’ll be able to get your troop up and running with a robotics project quickly and easily. When I did this kit there was no prep work unless you want to pre-cut out the robots, before meeting otherwise everything you need is ready to go.

Ready to get started with robotics? Check out the Critter Bot robotics kit today and get ready to get your Daisy or Brownie Scout troop on the way to a fun and educational robotics project and if you are working on one of the robotic badges this is perfect for earning them.

Robotic Printables

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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