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How to Help Your Girls Always Be On Time to Your Troop Meetings


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Over the years as a leader I have tried a number of different unique ways to run events and/or meetings to make it more exciting for the girls. One year I turned every meeting into a theme, sometimes just having girls dress up other times we did games and activities around that theme.

How do you mix up your meetings and add a little more excitement?

Below I will cover ways to help your girls and your leaders arrive to meetings and events on time. If your looking for other ways to change up your meetings check out these other great ideas to make your troop meetings more exciting:

On Time Incentives

My troop over the years tried many different approaches to get the girls to the meeting on time, realizing sometimes it was the girls fault she was late, that parents no matter what their best intentions are they are always late.

We decided something had to be done so we figured out a few ideas. First couple years we did on time drawings that helped a little but still did not solve the problem of following directions, being on time and in whole participation. We did a survey with the girls and asked if they would like to do a duck theme the following year. They all liked the idea and so the duck year began we planned all the theme meetings around if there was a rubber duck to represent it. Plus we got a small kiddie pool and had each girl decorate her own duck to go into pond, if she arrived on time she got to put her duck into the pond for a drawing.

This was her responsibility if duck didn’t get into pond then she didn’t get a chance to win a prize. The duck thing really took off and participation grew and on time got much better. When the year ended we again gave the girls a survey if they wanted to continue with this theme for another year and the majority was all for it, so we continued this theme for one more year. I recommend this idea for anyone that wants to help with participation and on time.

I do suggest not to buy the ducks ahead, this was a learning experience for us we had a lot of ducks left over at end we had to figure how to use up. The leaders in my group joined in and also loved the idea of collecting ducks.

At the end of the two year duck event we asked the girls and leaders to take a picture with their rubber duckies. Until we took those pictures I didn’t realize how many duckies our girls had earned over the last two years. Browse rubber ducks here

Here are some great things to do with the rubber duckies at your meetings

Law Laundry Game

Here is a easy game to play with your girls its fun and educational. It wont take long for your girls to learn the law!

Cut out all the shirts and socks, you will need a laundry safety pins. You can play the game as relay or as a timed game, if you do relay print two sets, have each team run down add part of law and next girl adds next until whole law is together. If you do it timed you would just lay all the pieces out and time girls see how long it takes them to put in order. Fun game for learning law.

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