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Easy To Use Badge Planning Worksheet Perfect For Every Age in Your Troop


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As a Girl Scout troop leader, I've tried various methods to help our girls become more independent in tracking their badge progress. It's essential for them to have a sense of ownership and responsibility for their own journey. That's why I'm thrilled to share with you a idea that came from another leader, who goes by Mrs Ginger.  This is by far my absolute favorite document its so simple and to the point but works well for all ages: the “badge planning worksheet.”

What is a Badge Planning Worksheet?

This handy tool is designed to empower girls to track their own progress, even when working on multiple badges simultaneously or over the course of several meetings. Gone are the days of meticulous record-keeping and trying to remember which steps were completed during each session.

With the Badge Planning Worksheet, you can simply note the activities and steps undertaken at each meeting alongside attendance records. This enables your girls to take charge of their badge journey, marking off completed steps and monitoring their own progress.

Not only does this foster a sense of independence, but it also encourages self-reflection and goal-setting. By actively engaging in their badge tracking, girls learn valuable life skills such as organization, time management, and self-accountability.

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Go ahead and incorporate the Badge Planning worksheet into your troop's planning process. Witness your girls flourish as they become more self-reliant and driven in their pursuit of badges and personal growth within Girl Scouts.

Storing the Badge Planning Worksheets

Get a sturdy folder for each girl in your troop and label it with her name and badge(s) in progress. This will create a dedicated space for her to keep all the materials and records related to her badge journey.

 Inside each folder, include a Badge Planning Worksheet customized for the specific badge(s) the girl is working on. This form will serve as a concise outline of the badge requirements and allow her to track her progress on each step.

Each week your girls can pull this folder out and update their badge progress using the worksheet found in this post. 

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!