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 10 Ways for Your Troop to Beat the Heat with Water Activities


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Summer is a time to enjoy the warm weather, while trying to stay cool, hydrated, and beat the heat. You may be taking the summer off as a troop, but still doing a camp out or a get together here and there. With the heat what better way to have fun then to do things in water. I have so many memories of fun with my girls with a few simple supplies and of course a water hose! I have a few ideas that are inexpensive, but wet and fun. Let’s get started

Duck, Duck, Splash

This game is played like Duck, Duck Goose but it is a lot wetter. Pick someone to be “it.” You will need a cup and a pail of water. Have the rest of the girls sit in a circle. The player that is “it” has a cup of water in one hand while tapping the girls on their heads saying “duck, duck, until their ready to pick someone to be it. When they pick that person instead of saying “Goose” they say “Splash” and pour the water on the head, of the person, they choose, then runs around the circle and tries to sit, before being tagged, by the splash player. If they sit before being tagged they are safe and the splash player gets a cup of water and the game continues.

Jump Rope Splash

You will need one long jump rope, a pail of water and 2 plastic cups. It’s a good idea to have extra cups in case the other cups break. The game is played by having 2 adults swing the jump rope while two girls jump, at the same time, while holding a cup of water, while jumping. Make sure each cup has the same amount of water. The girl that has the most water left in their cup after jumping 5-10 times wins. You can decide how many jumps you want. Fewer jumps for younger girls and more jumps for older girls.

Water Limbo

This is a simple but fun activity. Choose one player or adult to hold a water hose, at shoulder height. All the other players take turns leaning back and moving, under the water, without touching it. If a player touches the water or falls, she is out. The player holding the hose lowers the water after each round. Continue lowering the water until there is only 1 player left. The last player left is the winner.

Move the Beach Ball

You will need 2 beach balls and water blaster (water guns) for each girl place girls can refill water blasters. Put your girls into two teams and give each team a beach ball and the water guns. If you have a larger troop you may need more beach balls will depend on size of group as well. Set up a starting line and a finish line. On go the girls will use the water blasters to move the beach ball over the finish line working as a team.

Water Balloon Volleyball

You will need sheets and balloons that are full of water. Put your girls into two teams and have them each holding corner of sheets. On go the girls will play volleyball throwing the water filled balloon back and forth until someone drops it. Keep score team with the most points wins.

Water Bucket Break

Is it hot at your summer camp? We placed water buckets around the camping area and had everyone wear bathing suits all day. Then in between activities we let the girls dump cups of water on their heads to stay cooled off.

Water Squirt Gun Tag

Get everyone a water squirt gun and have buckets with water to refill water guns and a few hula hoops for safe zones. Set a timer and have a certain time to play game. Everyone is It and can squirt everyone except if someone is standing in the hula hoop. Get a pack of 12 here on amazon.

Leaders Just Want to Have Fun

Leaders just want to get wet too. We let our girls each take a turn with the hose at a summer camp when it got to be 98 outside. The girls loved getting us wet as much as we loved getting wet.

Water Game Inspiration

Still need inspiration? This video is from a summer camp and it shows you a pile of simple water games that are great for every age. You got fill the bucket, over the head with water, water balloon butt pop and more. Check it out

Keep searching for more great water ideas here on my Water Games For Kids Pinterest Board. I gathered some of the top 50+ ideas I thought would be a great addition to your outdoor fun this summer.

Beyond the water activities

Have you ever done a summer bucket list before? If you wanted to try one with your girls. Here is a few that are ready to go to use for your troop. Just download the PDF and may the challenge begin

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Enjoy being outdoors with your girls!