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Together as Moms We Will Inspire Our Kids to be Leaders of Tomorrow

Together as Moms We Will Inspire Our Kids to be Leaders of Tomorrow


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Now Inspiring All Kids To Be Leaders of Tomorrow

Thank you for following and being part of the Leader Connecting Leader community. I started this website way back in 2014.

Can you believe it? Since then a lot has changed, in 5 years this community has grown, it is full of amazing moms who have girls in scouts, or other girl run organization, I have meant some other amazing bloggers and leaders inspiring girls like I am. What I have noticed however is I have done so much more than just inspire girls, with a boy of my own many of the programs and activities used on Leader Connecting Leaders have been done with my son, over the years I have offered basic mom advice, shared my own struggles and suggestions, and so much more.

That is where the idea of Mom Connecting Moms came to life. I am a mom, you are a mom reading this why am I not helping more moms inspire more kids to be leaders of tomorrow? So without further delay. I want to introduce my new website, it will be a sister site to Leader Connecting Leaders where I am extending my inspiration to all moms! I promise I am not going anywhere I will continue to share resources and ideas for your troop specifically.

Design For Your Troop Custom Masks, Shirts, Bags & Water Bottles

I have always wanted a way to design products for moms and leaders, then make them available on site so other leaders and moms could also purchase for their troops and kids. So I want to give it a try. You will see below I designed the first series. The KINDNESS SERIES. Masks, shirts, water bottles, cups, and bags all have a garden fairy with the quote “In a world where you can be anything. Be Kind.”

So what is next?

If you have an idea of a quote you want next to one of my garden fairies send me a email with exactly what you want, and when you need it available to order. I will design it and publish to the new Mom Connecting Moms shop where the products are printed and sent right to your house.

Garden Fairy – Kindness Series

If you have a Daisy troop or have browsed this site you have seen the garden petal fairies, they are on a mission to teach girls life values everyone should live by. Specifically called the Girl Scout Law. However that law is values everyone should live by not just Girl Scouts. With that said wouldn’t it be great to promote these values on T-shirts, masks, water bottles, and bags. Browse all the fairy products.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!