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7 Ways to Build a Sense of Community in Your Girl Scout Troop

7 Ways to Build a Sense of Community in Your Girl Scout Troop


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Running a Girl Scout troop is all about building friendships, learning life skills and feeling a sense of belonging whenever you hang out with your fellow scouts. As a leader, it’s important for you to create activities and practices that build a sense of community from day one. This will not only create a sense of harmony amongst your Girl Scouts, but it will also help them to build strong values for life. Whether you’re creating amazing activity booklets for your troop to do together or you’re encouraging kindness on a day to day basis, there are so many ways in which you can build an unbreakable, strong and thriving community.

  1. Create Stylish Spiritwear

Having a uniform can help your troop feel part of a team and a strong sense of belonging. However, instead of dictating their spiritwear to them, why not get everyone involved in the design process? Whether you’re incorporating the latest fashion trends and styles or you’re opting for a color that is agreed upon by the majority of the troop, you can use the Spiritwear Store to create incredible, timeless designs that can be passed on through the generations. Not only will this help your girls to feel part of a community, but it will also teach them lessons in teamwork as they work together to create the best possible clothing for their troop.

  1. Encourage Local Community Work

Your Girl Scouts are not only in a community with each other, but they are also part of a wider community in your local town or country. Encouraging local community work is a brilliant way to teach them how to help others in the local area and pass on good deeds throughout their day to day life. Whether you’re volunteering for a day at a food bank or you’re helping local residents with their gardening, there are so many ways to get involved in community projects and instill strong values in your troop.

  1. Host Girl Scout Events

Working together to plan, execute and achieve a common goal is the ideal way to foster a strong community. Hosting a Girl Scout event such as a luncheon, sports day, talent show or baking contest is the perfect way to bring them together in a community based event. Working hard as a team and coming up with ideas will bring everyone closer together and give them something to be incredibly proud of when it all comes to an end.

  1. Do Team Building Activities

Nothing beats a good team building activity, especially when you’re trying to nurture a thriving community amongst your Girl Scouts. Regular team building activities help everyone to get along and get into the same page. A community needs to share a strong bond and go through similar experiences in order to remain united. From trust activities to team building days out, there are so many ways to help everyone to create a community they love to be a part of.

  1. Create Your Own Girl Scout Code of Conduct and Core Values

A community is a team of people who work together towards a common goal. As a Girl Scout troop you should create your own unique code of conduct and core values which dictate how everyone behaves towards each other in the group. This means that everyone has an expectation within the community and you’re building kind, caring and united young women who treat each other well.

  1. Teach Kindness and Compassion

When it comes to building a strong and united community in your girl scout troop, you need to have kindness and compassion at the center of your core values. Kindness will ultimately lead to everyone feeling included, valued and taken care of when they attend Girl Scouts. Your troop should feel like a safe space where everyone is appreciated, so having kindness at the center of your values will work wonders!

  1. Mix Up The Groups to Bring Everyone Together

If you have a lot of girls who attend troop from the same school, now would be the time to mix up the groups a little bit. Encourage your troop to sit on different tables and interact with people they don’t know as well. They will start to build new friendships over time and nurture a community spirit that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above will help your Girl Scout troop to feel like valued members of a community so that they can continue to thrive in everything they do both inside and outside your Girl Scout meet-ups!