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5 Ways To Make Learning Easier For Your Troop

5 Ways To Make Learning Easier For Your Troop


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When it comes to learning new activities or skills outside of school, it is fair to say that girls may approach knowledge with a sense of being punished. Knowledge is punishment because being stuck in a classroom is the least fun part of the day for many girls.

Yet, knowledge is crucial to succeeding in a variety of extra-curricular activities. Even the simplest everyday skills require knowledge, such as learning how to cook or how to fix a door. Being in a troop means you’ve got room to make learning more exciting by finding interesting subjects or complimenting the kids on their achievements.

But how can you make learning more accessible to your troops?

#1. The setting does make a difference

The classroom may not be the most appealing environment, but it presents specific advantages when it comes to digesting and retaining information. Indeed, if you wish to introduce your troop to a complex subject, you are likely to require chair desks for them to sit at and take notes. While nobody wants to feel trapped in a classroom, sometimes the setting can encourage girls to pay more attention by:

  • Facilitating note-taking
  • Creating an environment where they can collect their thoughts
  • Staging the scene for attention

#2. Gamify the learning process

Playing games can help girls relax. But games also make it easier to retain information and engage with the learning process. Indeed, gamification makes learning addictive as it creates a reward system. Winning games releases dopamine into the body, which creates a feel-good sensation. Many language apps such as Duolingo utilize the gamification process to engage their audience groups. But the same principle applies to your troop. You can create little quiz games, for instance, to create a positive attitude toward learning.

#3. Discuss rest and sleep times

Ultimately, the brain needs sleep to retain new information. Regardless of whether girls are learning new physical skills or factual data, they need plenty of rest to recharge their batteries. Therefore, it’s essential for them to understand the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Especially for girls who struggle to acquire new skills and are tempted to practice until they do, it’s crucial for them to know that they are unlikely to progress if they remain tired.

#4. It’s okay to fail

Some girls are scared of making a mistake. As a result, they struggle to learn new skills. Normalizing failures as part of the learning process is essential to help them progress. You can use different techniques to make failure more acceptable:

  • Help them create a progress sheet so they can see that failure is part of the journey
  • Help them to understand what went wrong so they can learn from the failure
  • Remind them that failure doesn’t affect who they are as an individual

#5. Food for brain

Food is fuel for the brain and the body. Even if girls learn a new sports activity, they need to keep their brains engaged to coordinate their movements and manage stability, balance, and precision. Therefore, it is important to discuss the essentials of a balanced diet with them.

Are you ready to help your troop progress and acquire new skills? Every girl is different and has unique abilities. So, it is fair to say that nobody learns at the same pace. But making learning more accessible for the troop can make a huge difference to their progress!

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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