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Friendship Quotes and 5 Games to Bring Your Girls Closer Together


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Today I’m sharing a few ways to bring your girls together with some bonding activities and icebreakers that are great for any meeting or to celebrate Friendship Day on August 5th.

Such an important part of being a girl organization is the friendships made during our time in scouting. A troop of devoted friends that support one another will leave a lasting impression on your girls of what friendship means for the rest of their lives. Sometimes though, youngins need that extra push to put themselves out there, or could use an activity to help them branch out.

Did you know? Friendship Day is August 5th, and a great way to celebrate is to play friendship building games together. These games are a blast, and are sure to warm everyone up to one another. Afterwards, have your girls pick their favorite quotes about friendship and talk about what qualities they look for in a good friend. This will not only encourage one another to be more kind, but also value the friendships they have made along the way.

Friendship Games and Activities

Friendship Swap and Necklace

You can make friendship necklaces or SWAPS. Silkies (necklaces) you can get from Michael’s Craft store. Unicorn charms and rings from Amazon. 12 pony beads, 1 for each line in the GS law or just make a rainbow.

Here are some different friendship games below and don’t forget to have fun!


Set up an obstacle course at your next troop meeting. Pair up the girls, perhaps with a new friend, and let one verbally guide the blindfolded partner through the obstacle course. Switch up the course before switching blindfolded partners! Players have to effectively communicate and trust one another to finish first.


This game is a great way to help girls realize what commonalities they may have with each other. Call out different categories and ask the girls to arrange themselves based on how they fit into that category.

Start out with basic things like eye color or favorite food, then move onto questions about pets, favorite school subjects, or who has moved before. Girls may realize something they didn’t know they have in common with each other. Give them some time later on to connect over these new discoveries. Speed up the game to make things fun, or slow it down if the girls are enjoying getting to know each other more.

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

This tournament-style rock, paper, scissors is best with larger groups. Pair girls off and have them play best 2 out of 3 rock, paper, scissors. Ask the losers of the match to follow the winner to their next match, cheering them on. 

This keeps going until the last two winners face off, each with half their troop cheering them on! This is a great way to energize the group and foster some friendly competition.

2 Truths and A Lie

This game is a classic for good reason. It makes players work together to figure out how they are being deceived, and gives the chance to learn about each other quickly. Have girls introduce themselves with 3 facts about them, but one is not true. The weirder the facts, the better! Sit in a circle so everyone feels more inclined to chime in.

There's nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.



When entering the meeting, place a colored dot on each girls’ forehead out of their sight. Without speaking, everyone must group up with those who have their same color dot. The troop has to work together in a unique way to ensure everyone gets into their right group.

Your girls are bound to get to know each other a better with these bonding games. Enjoy!

Friendship Bracelets

Along with fun Friendship games have your girls make friendship bracelets to give to each other. A friendship bracelet is a decorative bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. Friendship bracelets are often handmade, usually of embroidery floss or thread and are a type of macrame. There are various styles and patterns, but most are based on the same simple half-hitch knot.

Singing Make New Friends With Troop

If you have never sung song before here is a quick video with lyrics and someone singing it for the tune.

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