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5 Fun Games With Cotton Balls To Play With Your Troop


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Over the years as a leader I have tried a number of different games with cotton balls. Cotton balls and Scouts two words that go together so well and = LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN.

If you don’t have cotton balls in your supplies it is one thing that comes in a large quantity and for a pretty low price: Cotton Balls (240 Balls)

If you throw in a little duct tape with your older girls and tell them they can put it anywhere on their bodies be prepared what they create. The things we do to keep our older girls entertained.

Games with cotton balls senior scouts

Games with Cotton Balls

Cotton Ball Bowl Collection

We took and divided the girls up in teams, and we told each girl to take as much petroleum jelly they think they need and put on their nose. All they needed was a small amount but girls had no idea what the game was so some had it dripping off their noses, after each girl has taken their jelly. We set up two bowls full of cotton balls in front of each of the teams and at the other end of room two empty bowls.

On the word go, the first girl in each line stuck her nose into the cotton balls and got as many as possible to stick, then hurried to the end to be dropped off in bowl set up there, no hands allowed. Then the girl hurried back and the next one goes, game is over after the whole team had a turn. Team with the most cotton balls in container at end of room won.

Cotton Ball Race

Each girl got a spring type clothespin; I threw cotton balls all over the room. I gave each girl a brown lunch bag to collect the cotton balls. I gave them one minute to do the collecting. The girl with the most cotton ball won the round. Then had the girls throw the cotton balls around and did another round.

Cotton Ball Pass

We formed two teams and gave each girl a spoon except for the first girl in line she got a bag of cotton balls and the last girl in line got a empty bag.

We had the team line up in a close zigzag formation. On GO the first girl placed a cotton ball on the second girls’ spoon, then the second girl dropped her cotton ball onto the spoon of the third girl. This continued to the end of the line where the last girl grabs the cotton ball and places it in her bag. If any of the girls dropped a cotton balls it could not be picked up and a new cotton ball was started again down the line. No one was allowed to touch the cotton balls with their hands except the first and last one in line, the team with most cotton ball in bag won. 

We played it two ways, one cotton ball at a time going down the line till the end before a new cotton ball could start and the other was a steady flow one right after another, this made the game a little more hectic.

Cotton Ball Game

We had 2 girls at a time play against each other, while setting at a table, we blindfolded them gave each of them a extra large spoon, empty bowl and placed a bowl full of cotton balls in front of them. The girls had one minute to try to scoop as many cotton balls and fill their bowl while holding it on their head.

Cotton Ball Straw Race

We gave each girl a cotton ball and a straw; we put masking tape down the middle of long tables and a line of tape for starting and finish line. The girls had to blow the cotton ball to the finish line by blowing thru straw. We had play offs after all the girls raced.

Enjoy the games!

Enough Games to Keep Your Troop Busy For Years

If you still can’t find a game you like after reviewing all these ideas maybe you need the Great Big Book of Children games. It comes with over 450 indoor and outdoor games. It is broke down in categories so if you have a ball checkout all the ball games, looking for relay games there are pages and pages of ideas for that as well. It is so worth the money and you can have the resource on hand at every meeting if you run out of things to do or need to break up your meeting during badge work.

Big book of Games

More Resources For You Beyond This Site

One thing we all know as leaders we need all the help we can get to make the program fun, educational, and to help build the girl leaders of tomorrow. I compiled a list of some great companies that sell patches, programs and also other bloggers offering amazing resources that may fit your needs even better than my site did plus I made a really cool Kaper Chart you will love to use with your troop. Grab some of these resources now

Here are other great games to play with your troop at your meetings. They are all great ways to break up badge work and get your girls up and moving:

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!