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7 Fun Games To Play With Your Girls At Your Troop Meetings


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Today I want to share some fun game ideas that I have done in the past with my girls.

It is always great to have games on hand to fill in down times, when girls need a break from badge work, or add to every meeting as a extra fun feature of your meetings structure.

I have also shared a pile of other games in other post that I don’t want you to miss either. So after you checkout the ideas below be sure to stop over to these pages for more ideas to have in your back pocket.

Games and Activities With Your Troop

Make a Spider Web

All you need for this is a spool of yarn. You will have all your girls sit in a circle and decide on theme of activity. Maybe every girl will share what they love most about being a Scout, or maybe share their favorite food, color, hobby. Then give one girl the spool of yarn they state their answer and hold the end of yarn and throw the spool to someone else. This continues to everyone has chance to answer and the girls have created a web with their circle.

Chalk Maze

If you have a sidewalk available at your meeting space all you need is chalk. Put girls into two different teams and have them draw out their very own maze on the sidewalk and then have the other team run thru their maze. It is a chance for girls to work together and have fun being creative.

4 Corner Game

This is a game that is simple and can be adapted to any holiday, event, or activities you are doing at your meetings. It is a great opportunity for your girls to burn off some energy before jumping into badge work, or you can save it for the end of the meeting before sending them home with their parents.

What You Need

  • 4 corners of the room
  • 4 images for each corner
  • Something to draw from (box or bag)

How to Play
Put one image into each corner of the room, the second set of that same image fold up and put into a box or bag. Tell each girl they must choose a corner to stand in. Once everyone is standing in a corner, draw one of the images from the bag. Everyone standing in that corner is out. Put that image back in bag. Then tell girls move around to a new corner or they can choose to stay where they are. Again, draw an image. If they are standing in that corner they are out. Continue this until only one person is remaining.

If you love this idea and want all the planning done for you, click here for the 4 Corner Game: 12 months of fun which includes a themed game to play each month. The kit also includes a few additional ideas that you can make more 4 corner games.

Candy Collector

All you need for this activity is a lot of m&ms and dice. You will break girls up into groups of 4 to 5 girls and have them sit in circle. The first girl will roll the dice. Once someone gets a 1 she becomes the “Candy Collector” Which means now the dice goes to next girl. If that girl does not roll a 1 the girl who is candy collector gets a piece of candy. As each girl rolls the dice, once a new girl gets a 1 she becomes the candy collector. Continue till no candy is left or a set time has been decided. Who has the most candy? Now time to eat…Yum..

Cookie Mystery

This activity will require you to stop over to and purchase the The Cookie Thief GS Mystery The author of the book created a 12 page leader guide that includes songs, crossword puzzles, activities to use during cookie season to help earn the business and cookie badges. I would highly recommend checking out this book to get you started with planning.

Best Crab

This is a fun activity just to get some exercise. Have all the girls get into crab position on hands and knees with rear underneath. When you tell them to start they must walk around in position as long as they can, the person who last the longest is the winner. See how physically fit your girls are. You girls could use this activity while working on the Staying Fit Badge. Checkout the Complete activity booklet.

Fitness Relay

You would just need a list of tasks you want girls to do. Put in two relay lines and have first girls in each line pick something out of bag, they then will do that to end and back and have next girl go. The first team to complete first wins. Few ideas: Hop on left foot, Hop on right foot, Hop with both feet together, Walk backwards, Walk heel-to-toe, Walk blindfolded, Run, Bear walk, Carry a person or have a person carry you, Hold hands between knees, and so on.

A – Z Photo Scavenger Hunt

If your interested in a fun planned for you Scavenger hunt, the A-Z is perfect for you. Run your very own Photo Scavenger Hunt from beginning to end no planning necessary. Just follow the steps and your work is done for you!

Activities included:

  • The photo hunt will have two parts, pictures from A – Z and Fun Photos and packet includes a scoring sheet and templates needed for letter portion of hunt.
  • Includes a service project and sing a song video bonus
  • Before going on hunt enjoy a group activity to get everyone talking and laughing

Get a copy of the A – Z Photo Scavenger Hunt now

I do want to credit a great Boy Scout site for helping me customize games to work better for girls. I would highly suggest checking out this site – you can customize anything you see to better fit for your girls.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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