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10 Games To Play With Your Troop Using A Parachute


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Over the years as a leader I have tried a number of different games using a parachute.

I am always in search of great moving fun activities to break up the meeting. When I came across a parachute online I knew I had to get a few to use at my meetings. It was the best decision a leader can make no matter what level you have. I had Daisy to Ambassador and every level has gotten a laugh from playing a parachute game. Sometimes we end up spending half our meeting playing games but you know what the girls are having fun and getting exercise so it was always worth it.

Today I want to share my top 10 favorite games we have played with our girls using the parachutes. Get your parachutes now to play the following 10 fun games with your girls. 12 Foot Parachute

10 Games to Play With The Parachutes

Are you happy and you know it? When the Parachute goes up have some fun!

When the parachute goes up stamp your feet,
When the parachute is high, reaching up into the sky,
When the parachute goes up stamp your feet.

Because it is to the tune of If you are happy and you know it there are so many more verses you can do. (Nod your head, Wiggle your hips, Shout hooray, Turn around, etc)

Girl Switch

Begin with all the girls spread around the parachute and holding it stretched out. Once the parachute comes up all the way call out two of the girls names and then those two girls let go and switch places run under the parachute. The girls will have a blast with this one.

Clean Up, Toss Up

This is a interesting one – my older girls came up with this while cleaning the church yard where we hold our meetings. They were racking leaves and one of the girls suggested we put in the parachute and throw up in air. It doesn’t have a winner and in end the girls had to start over with racking but they had a blast while playing in between doing a service project.

Circular Sit up Exercise

This one I am going to recommend would be better for Juniors and up our little ones had a hard time figuring it out. Have girls sit along the edge of the parachute with legs underneath. Then one girl on one side leans backwards while on other side they lean forward and this goes back and forth. You can also have them lean side ways and do a circular motion around circle. It took a while for the girls to get the hang of it but once they got it they really enjoyed it.


This game can be played with a variety of items, beanbags, small balls, cotton balls, or anything else you want to make pop. Then have girls shake the parachute and throw up the item in the air. As a variation to this you could play volleyball if you had two parachute groups and put one ball in middle and group works together to throw it to the other parachute. Again this may be better for older girls.

Poison Snakes

You can use jump ropes or if you have actual rubber snacks which we did you put in center of parachute, everyone must hold parachute with two hands and never let go if you do your out. But goal is to shake the parachute to keep the snakes from biting(touching) you

Roll That Ball

This is a great game to help girls work as a team. Try to keep the ball rolling along the outer edge of the parachute around the circle. As the ball comes toward you, lower the edge so it passes you then raise up again. It is much more difficult then you think. The girls got it to go around once.

Shoe Fall

Every other girl takes off one of their shoes and puts in middle under the parachute. When group raises the parachute the girls without shoes run under to grab their shoe before the chute falls back down.

Turtle Moving

Another great corroboration game where girls work together to make the parachute move to a chosen location. If you have two chutes you can make it relay. So have girls underneath the parachute(Becomes a giant turtle shell) and they must work together to move to turtle to finish line without losing shell and everyone stays under shell.

Beach Ball Throw

Of course you have to get a beach ball, just throw it in middle of the parachute and let girls shot it up in air. We had some issues with wind one day every time they threw it up in air wind caught it and the girls ended up chasing it across yard.

Do you need more Parachute games? Check out this Pinterest board full of even more inspiring ideas for your troop using a parachute

Enjoy the games!

Here are some other great games to play with your Troop at your meetings. They are great ways to break up badge work and get your girls up and moving:

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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