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12 Fun Games To Play With Your Troop Using Only Balls


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Today I want to share some fun game ideas using only a ball that I have done in the past with my girls.

It is always great to have games on hand to fill in down times, when girls need a break from badge work, or add to every meeting as a extra fun feature of your meetings structure.

Before checking out the 12 games below you will need some balls to play these games. If you have them already then great scroll down and get all the ideas ready for your meetings. But if you don’t have any balls to use yet I highly recommend this set of 4 balls that are perfect for all the games below. 

Games With Balls

Ball In The Air

This is a fun game to play at the beginning of a meeting or at the end before sending them home to their parents. Have your girls stand in a circle and using a ball tell them they need to keep the ball in the air without it touching the ground. If you have a large group put them in two different circles and compete against each other to see who can keep it up the longest.

Sheet Volleyball

You will need two sheets and a ball. This game is best to play outside or in a large open area. Put your girls on two different teams and have them hold the blanket as a group open and have them stand on opposite side of other team. On go put the ball on one of the groups sheet and tell them they will work as teams to hit the ball over to other team who will catch the ball in their sheet. You can do this for fun or keep score when they catch it or miss.

Roll the Balls Into a Hula Hoop

Lay a hula hoop on the ground, and give each player several balls. Take turns rolling the balls towards the hoop, trying to get inside, but not roll too far. Have them try to knock another girl’s ball out of the hoop!

Bouncing Baskets

You will need laundry baskets and balls. First set up a laundry basket at certain distance from the girl’s depending on their age. Then have them take turns tossing the balls, trying to land in the basket. The bouncier the ball, the harder the game. Keep score to see who can get the most into the laundry baskets. Maybe even add point levels in different baskets based on how far away they are from girls.

Catch the Ball But Try To Keep It Away

This is almost like pickle in the middle. Put girls into groups of three. Two of the girls stand far apart and put the third girl in the middle. The two girls on outside toss the ball back and forth while the girl in middle tries to catch the ball. Once she catches it have them switch places with girl that threw the ball.

Catch It and Say It

You will need to come up with some fun categories girls will have fun with. Like name of animals, countries, fruits, etc. Have girls sit in circle. Give first girl the ball and tell them they will throw ball to another girl who has to name something from the category you choose. Continue that category and tossing ball until someone can’t come up with a word in that category. You can choose to have that person go out so you can get down to 1 winner or just have fun and start another category.

Locking Arms Ball Relay

You will set this up like a relay game. Have girls line up in two teams, and pair up with another girl. Have a marker on other side of play area where girls have to run down to and back. On go the pair will lock arms behind themselves and put the ball between them (holding it up with their backs) They will walk together to other end of play area and then walk back. Give the ball to the next pair of girls in line. First team to finish wins.

Over Under Relay

This is a very easy filler game that everyone will enjoy and get a laugh from. All you need is the balls. Put girls into two teams in two lines. Then tell your girls will move the ball through the line by going over their head, then under their legs back and forth, every other girl. On go give the first girl in each line a ball. First team to get to end with ball wins.

Move A Ball Round And Round

This game is a coordination game with whole group. Put girls into circle. Give them one ball to start with and tell them they will be throwing the ball from one person to another. Once they get a good flow going add another ball to circle. Continuing to toss the ball back and forth while adding more and more balls until one falls. How many were your girls able to do?

Traditional Kick Ball

We all know the game of kick ball. If you can play outside this game is always a winner for all ages. It is played similar to baseball except the girls will be kicking a ball. Put your girls into two teams. You will have bases just like in baseball. You then would play like baseball having first team in field and other team kicking the ball. Set the high score they would be going to and play to that number rather than having innings like baseball.

Feet Ball Only

This is just a fun game to see how far they can move the ball around circle only using their feet/legs. Have girls sit in circle and then lay on back. Give first girl the ball and have them put between legs and lift above body, and try to pass this ball over to next girl just using legs and feet. This is fun game just watching the girls squirm around to pass the ball using just their legs.

Wrapping Up

If you still can’t find a game you like after reviewing all these ideas maybe you need the Great Big Book of Children games. It comes with over 450 indoor and outdoor games. It is broke down in categories so if you have a ball checkout all the ball games, looking for relay games there are pages and pages of ideas for that as well. It is so worth the money and you can have the resource on hand at every meeting if you run out of things to do or need to break up your meeting during badge work.

I have shared a pile of other games in other post that I don’t want you to miss either. So after you checkout the ideas below be sure to stop over to these pages for more ideas to have in your back pocket.

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!