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How To Run A Hoagie Sale Fundraiser With Your Girl Scout Troop Plus a Free Order From

How To Run A Hoagie Sale Fundraiser With Your Girl Scout Troop Plus a Free Order From


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Hoagie Sales are a great fundraiser for a troop and the best part any age can do them. I often get asked how do you do a hoagie sale or how can you do a sale without a company that provides the hoagies.

Today I will walk you through what my troop did and everything you need to know to have a successful hoagie sale with your troop.

How Do You Run a Hoagies Sale

Our girls sold the hoagies for $4.00 and ran it for 2 weeks. (You will need to figure out cost of material before pricing the hoagies, this was done back in 2018 and pricing of things probably has changed) They then turned in the order forms and money. At that point we went and purchased the supplies and planned a night for troop to get together to assemble the hoagies. In our last sale we sold 336 hoagies and made $625 dollars.

We were able to locate a company that we could order all the supplies from, but there have been other times we just purchased supplies on our own going through stores such as Sam Club, Costco and other larger bulk stores.

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What do you need for a hoagie fundraiser?

Now this is really up to you and your troop. Our hoagies we used the following…

How to Make the Hoagies

This is the fun part, but you have to be smart about how you make the hoagies as a group. Here is everything I did with my troop, with a few pictures.

First and most importantly make sure everyone washes hands and wears gloves.

Then The thing we found that worked the best is to do is to create an assembly line. Give each girl a job. One handles the cheese, another handles a meat, etc. You start at one end with bread and pass it down the line to fill the sandwich with all the parts

Once you have everything for the sandwich you can package it in sandwich wrapping this was the job we left to the adults and high school girls. Essentially this was the quality check as well. Make sure everything was included in hoagie, plus making sure its packaged in a way that customers will be excited to receive their sandwich. (Note: We tried allowing younger girls do this step and often the bread became smashed or they didn’t get all the ingredients in bag and things were falling out of the boxes.)

Now that everything is packaged up its time to fill the orders. Many girls sold 24+ hoagies so we used empty boxes to fill orders. This step again was done by the older girls. If you have a lot of helpers then have them pair up with younger girl to get orders together.

Thats all there is to it. It can be a very fun rewarding fundraiser. I will say it was a lot of work the night we made all the hoagies so be prepared to put in the work if it is a very successful fundraiser. Which I sure hope it is for you like it has been for my troop.

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