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5 Fun Patch Activity Programs For July Fun With Your Troop


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July is here which means we are in the heart of summer! This post I share 5 great fun patches with some activities to do with your girls that would go great with the fun patch. There is so much to do in July outdoors and these patches can be great reminders of events such as a 4th of July event, summer camp, organize a lemonade stand with your troop, maybe do some vintage camper camping or also did you know it was the year of the dog? Scroll down to learn more about each of these events with activities and a patch to go with them.

While we all love earning badges to put on the front of our vest. It is just as much fun to participate in events, activities, and programs to earn fun patches for the back of our vest. Today’s Fun Patch Post will cover everything for your July activities with your troop and are all from a amazing company called Advantage Emblem and Screen Printing.

4th of July Fun Patch

The 4th of July is a great time to celebrate with a picnic with your troop. Maybe do a craft, play some games and have some fun outdoors. If you need some inspiration check out my pinterest board with lots of ideas to get you started. Be sure to follow my page for ideas for every occasion.

Then after your meeting or party, what better way to remember your fun then with this Fun Patch for back of vest. Get your 4th of July Embroidered Fun Patch Now

Year of the Dog Fun Patch

The year of the dog, what does that mean? Well here is a great site that will tell you all about it and give you some inspiration to do something with your troop.

After you have had some fun with your girls sure to get each of your girls this adorable fun patch for the back of their vests: Get your 2″ Year of the Dog Embroidered Fun Patch Now

Vintage Camper Camping Fun Patch


Have fun pretending you are camping years ago with vintage camping games. if you have access to vintage campers in

your area even better rent one for your troop. Here are some cute straws that would be awesome for this type of campout.

Get your 2″ Vintage Camper Camping Embroidered Fun Patch Now

Lemonade Stand Fun Patch

A great summer fundraiser is to run a lemonade stand. If you have a community sale or flea markets in the area it be a great time to set up a stand and sell as fundraiser for troop. If you have a Junior troop this would be a great addition to the Business Owner badge. Check out this complete activity booklet to earn that badge.

Add this great fun patch for the back of your vest after you have your sale Get your 2″Lemonade Stand Embroidered Fun Patch Now

Summer Camp Fun Patch

 Summer camp is a big thing with girls. There are so many different camps to go to. Whether you choose to go to a council camp or run a Troop camping event. If you need help planning your camping food check out some of these great themed camping events I have run in the past.

To remember what your adventures at camp get this nice fun patch to put on the back of your girls vest: Get your 2″ Summer Camp Embroidered Fun Patch Now

If you love patches there are a lot more where these came from….

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