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"You Rock" DIY Father's Day Craft


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Every kid knows the feeling of knowing Father’s Day is swiftly approaching and they don’t have a gift ready! It’s the worst. You, as a Girl Scout leader, can help your Girl Scout troop prepare cute little cards for their fathers in advance for Father’s Day.

There are so many great ideas out there for how to make Father’s Day special, but as I was brainstorming craft ideas, I saw this “You Rock Card” Father’s Day craft on Doodle & Stitch and just knew I had to share it with you! It is so cute, and it’s a great way for your troop to show their appreciation to their dads.

This craft is amazing for any scout group to create together, because the main ingredient is rocks. Any troop leader can take their Girl Scouts to the local park and collect some good-looking, smallish rocks and a few craft supplies and be ready to go. Your troop can have some quality time together selecting rocks that represent them and their favorite guy (their dad)! This craft could be suitable for young kids or high school scouts.

You only need a few things to create this homemade Father’s Day gift: black markers, cardstock paper, a hot glue gun, googly eyes, and a frame. You’ll have a great time creating adorable Father’s Day crafts together!

List of Materials for “You Rock” DIY Father’s Day Craft:

2 or more small rocks per scout

4 or more googly eyes per scout


Cardstock paper

Hot glue gun

One frame per scout

Step-by-Step DIY Father’s Day Craft Instructions:

  1. The best part of this project is going on a rock hunt together! Your scouts can come up with some creative ways to represent themselves and their dads through beautiful rocks. Maybe their dad’s rock is a solid color because he’s “solid,” or they’re a pink rock because of their bright personality, or their rocks can match their skin tones. There’s all different ways for girls of all ages to select their rocks, and it can be so much fun! Depending on their grade level, you can choose to include or not include this symbolic aspect of it, and if they’d like, your scouts can choose rocks to represent their whole family!
  2. Once your rocks are selected, you’re going to want to make them into little rock people. Each girl scout needs 2 googly eyes for each rock, and they should glue those googly eyes onto each rock, and draw a little smiling mouth underneath, to represent their face and their dad’s face. There could be just 2 rocks, like in Doodle & Stitch’s post, or one rock for each member of the family.
  3. If you’re going to frame the paper, you’ll need to make sure it’s cut down to the right size to fit the frame before you continue.
  4. Once you make your little rock people, they need to be glued to the cardstock paper. They should be close enough together to look like they go together, but far enough apart that your scouts can draw in arms for them.
  5. Once the rocks are glued to the paper, your scouts can draw feet on them, as well as hands, with the 2 closest hands holding each other. If your scouts created a version with their entire family, they can draw their whole family holding hands, and maybe label each family member.
  6. After all the rock people have arms and legs, your scouts can write “You Rock, Dad!” in big letters at the top or bottom. If your scouts are young, you can help them with any of the writing if they’d like. You could even teach them how to create bubble letters by showing an example on a whiteboard or your own piece of paper if they are very young!
  7. Once your project is complete, you can frame it, but without the glass panel. Hopefully your scouts’ dads love this Father’s Day gift idea!

Creating crafts like this is a very special way to celebrate with your Girl Scout family, whether they’re older girls or younger scouts. If some of your girls don’t have a father in their lives, this can also be the perfect gift to give to a special adult in their life. They can specialize it to their relationship with that person, whether it’s their mother, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or other role model. This is one of those creative ideas that can be adjusted as a special gift for any person they might want to thank.

As always, check out our blog for more fun craft ideas!

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!

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