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DIY Craft: How To Make a Toilet Roll Paper Turkey


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Toilet Roll Paper Turkey

Learn how to make a cute Toilet Roll Paper Turkey. This craft is a cute way to use a toilet paper roll and make something to display in your house during the month of November or give as a gift. 

The best part at the end you could take it apart and use the toilet paper if you needed the roll. You can learn through directions and pictures and a short video at end of post showing how to do it. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

  • Pencil

  • Hot glue gun

  • Brown fabric or tissue paper

  • Red, cream and orange foam paper

  • Black marker

  • Scissors

  • Feathers

  • Toilet paper roll

Toilet Roll Paper Turkey what you need

How to make craft

  1. First step for creating this project is wrapping the toilet paper. To wrap it you can use brown fabric, maybe brown felt or brown paper. Since I wasn’t able to find brown fabric in the color that I wanted I’ve used brown tissue paper. If you can see through the paper you can use a few layers on it as you can see in the pictures. You will then stick all the ends in the middle of the toilet paper roll but if there are some parts coming out you can always glue them.
Toilet Roll Paper Turkey step 1
  1. Now, it’s time to create the head. Since it is easier for me I’m using a pencil to draw it first and then to cut it I’ve used scissors. Make sure that the head is in right proportions with the body.
Toilet Roll Paper Turkey stepc2
  1.  To finish the head you will need to draw the eyes on the turkey. I’ve used black marker to draw them. You will also need to cut green and orange piece of foam paper to create the beak and the wattle. Attach them on the head below the eyes using some glue or you can also use sticky foam paper. 
Toilet Roll Paper Turkey step 3
  1.  Attach the head on the toilet paper roll using any glue that you want. 
Toilet Roll Paper Turkey step 4
  1. Put the feathers in the hole of the toilet paper roll so that is going to look like a tail. 
Toilet Roll Paper Turkey step 5
  1. To finish the look of the turkey you need to create the turkey feet with spurs. I’ve used orange foam paper to create them. Attach them on the bottom of the toilet paper roll and with this step this project is finished.
Toilet Roll Paper Turkey step 6

Craft Video

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!