DIY Craft: How to Make a Rainbow Wind Chime

on June 09, 2019

Rainbow Wind Chime

Difficulty: Medium
Estimate time to make


Great for

2nd – 12th

grade girls

A rainbow craft is great for a variety of events or a addition to a meeting. Today I will show you how to combine rainbows and wind chimes and create a beautiful rainbow wind chime for your window. You can learn through directions and pictures and a short video showing the wind chime being made. Let’s get started!

For this craft you will need

  • cardboard

  • thread

  • clear decorative stones

  • scissors

  • hot glue gun

  • foam paper in the rainbow colors

  • cotton balls

How to make craft

  • First cut same stripes of all the rainbow colors of the foam paper. They need to be around 1cm wide each. You will need red, purple, orange, light and dark blue, yellow, green.cut purple paper
  • Arrange them in the right order of the rainbow, attach them together and glue them on the piece of cardboard. They don’t have to lay on the cardboard, they need to be in round shape creating a rainbow. To attach them on the cardboard I’ve used hot glue gun. attach rainbow
  • To cover the cardboard use pink cotton balls. To attach them on the cardboard also use some hot glue.add cotton to rainbow
  • Take a thread and cut it in long stripes. Tie a knot on the beginning so you can glue it easily, you will have bigger surface to attach it on the cardboard.glue beads
  • Attach the decorative stones on the threads and attach the threads on the cardboard. Add a string to from both sides to hang the rainbow wind chime.
  • Now you can hang your craft in a window and enjoy your Rainbow Wind Chime.rainbow wind chime craft

Craft Video

Activities Beyond the Rainbow Craft

Rainbows are a great addition to your troops next ceremony. If your looking for ideas for a ceremony check out a few of these ideas.

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