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World thinking day ideas

12 Fantastic Resources for Planning Your Troop’s World Thinking Day


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World Thinking Day is February 22nd every year! 

Do you know what World Thinking Day is for? It is when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 countries celebrate being part of the global sisterhood. Each year there is a different theme you can get more information on the theme for this year by going to the Girl Scout Website.

Not a Girl Scout? No problem most of the ideas you will find here are great for any organization or group who want to teach girls about people and different cultures of the world.

This post I want to share everything I have found online that has been useful for my troop when planning World Thinking Day, resources I have on this website, and any fun patches I have located that you may also find helpful for your troop

World Thinking Day Ideas

Birthday’s Around the World Activity Booklet

Girls will learn about how birthday’s are celebrated around the world.

Ireland Bingo Game Activity Booklet

Girls will learn 24 different fun facts from Ireland for the World Thinking Day event.

Around the World Memory Matching Game Activity Booklet

Girls will learn 12 different facts about each of the 5 World Centre locations: Mexico, Switzerland, India, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Games Around the World Activity Booklet

Girls will learn how to play 26 different games from around the world.

Airplane Ride Activity

Girls will take a airplane ride around the world.

airplane ride

World Trefoil Game 
Girls will learn the meaning of the Trefoil pin.


Have you heard of Making Friends

This website has 100s of ideas for every level of scouts, but today’s focus is the wide variety of International resources that are offered on the website. You will find activity booklets, free printables, crafts, SWAPs and more. Browse all the ideas here

If you are looking for interesting fun patch to put on the back of your girls vest, a great website called Making Friends has a pile of different kind of fun patches, some are specific for the year, but they also have a lot that are specific to the country you may be focusing on for your troops World Thinking Day event.

Have You Heard of Teachers Pay Teachers?

World Flags, World Friends – World Thinking Day Activity Pack

This HUGE 113-page activity pack includes five different scouting helpers featuring flags and girls in traditional dress from twelve different nations from around the world.

STEM Around the World in 10 Days

Looking for an engaging way to teach geography? Have girls solve STEM challenge that relates to each continent? There is challenge for each of the 7 continents.

Games, Activities, and More

Learn about children around the world

Teach your girls about 12 children from around the world and learn about their language, food, clothing, schooling and daily life.

Games from around the world

A pile of games to play from around the world.

Idea Toolkits for planning events for different countries 

A blog called “Using resources wisely” there are some great ideas for you to review for your World Thinking Day event.


I have a board with over 200 post that can get you started for World Thinking Day

Have a wonderful World Thinking Day event!

World Thinking Day Printable Activity Booklets

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls! Have a Great World Thinking Day event.