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Girl Scout World Trefoil Game

Exploring the World Trefoil Pin: A Fun Game for Your Troop’s International Event


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One thing that is great to teach your girls is the meaning of the World Trefoil Pin. Use the following game to teach your girls the meaning of the pin many of them are either already wearing or will be wearing after your event.

I found this game searching around the Girl Guides of United Kingdom. I took what they had and created my own game board to use for each girl and then when they are complete they will have the paper to take home with the meaning of each part of pin.

World Trefoil Pin Game

Split group into two smaller groups. You will need to print off the image at the bottom of this post, one for each girl. You will also need gold and blue coloring items (markers, color pencils, or crayons) The girls throw a dice to collect all the pieces they need to construct their World Trefoil.

  • Each girl takes a turn rolling the dice. They must roll a six which is the blue background (circle) when they roll six they can color in the background of pin. (If they do not roll six they pass to next girl and continue to roll until they get the 6)

  • They continue to take turns to roll the dice to color in the parts of the World trefoil
    They color according to the number they throw: (the first time each number is drawed share what they mean)

  • They can only collect one piece per throw; for example, they must throw two twice to collect both stars.

  • The girl to color their whole World Trefoil first wins. You can let other girls continue rolling dice till all girls have colored trefoil or end after you have a winner and let rest of girls just color their trefoil.

The meaning of the World Trefoil Pin and corresponding numbers for dice

1 = the needle
We place a compass needle in the center of the gold trefoil, between the safeguards of the Promise and the Law, to serve as a guide pointing the way to the right course in life.

2 = a star
– We place one star at the left – the side of the heart. This star stands for the pledge that all scouts try, on their honor, to keep their Promise. On the right side, we place the star, which stand for our Girl Guide/Girl Scout code of conduct and the Girl Guide/Girl Scout Law.

3 = the stalk (base of the trefoil)

At the base of the fold trefoil we place the flame. It’s burning stands for the love of human kind and is the true flame of international friendship that burns in all our hearts. May this flame encircle the world with goodwill.

4 = the trefoil

On the background of blue, we place a gold trefoil because Girl Guides and Girl Scouts everywhere make a three-part Promise.

5 = the outer ring (gold circle)

This gold band surrounding our pin symbolizes the sun that shines on children all over the world.

6 = the blue background circle (must be thrown first)

The field of bright blue in our pin symbolizes the sky above us all throughout the wide, wide world. We thus carry out the words of Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement, who asked us to “Aim high, look wide.”

Use the following image for each girl

Trefoil Directions

World Pin Relay

Now that the girls know what the World Trefoil means, have them play a little game to put the trefoil all together. You can use the image above and print a few extras to use for this game.

Put girls into two teams, set up like relay with pieces of world trefoil pin at other end of room in envelope one for each team. On go one person from each team goes down removes one piece and places in position corresponding to where it appears in the world trefoil. After doing so run back and tag next girl on team. 

The second girl goes down and removes next piece and continues process. Only one piece may be set down in a turn. If a player sees a error and she rearranges what her team mates did that is her turn, make correction and go back and tag next girl in team. First team to put World Trefoil together first wins.

Stickers From Around the World

For even more added fun, you could go on a flags from around the world scavenger hunt. If you purchase the Ultimate Sticker Book: Flags Around the World book and put the stickers on index cards, you can hide around room and have girls find the stickers of each country. Again choosing a level of difficulty based on your girls ages.

Flag sticker book

Before You Go

Here are few other around the world ideas I have shared in the past that may be great for your event as well if you are doing more than learning about one country.

International Fun Patch

If you are looking for interesting fun patch to put on the back of your girls vest, a great website called Making Friends has a pile of different kind of fun patches, some are specific for the year, but they also have a lot that are specific to the country you may be focusing on for your troops International event.

Around the World Printable Activity Booklets

Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!