Everything You Need to Have a Stepping Stone & Wishing Well Bridging Ceremony

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I have been a leader for so many years, I became tired of the same old Bridging ceremonies. So I decided to create a completely new Bridging Ceremony. I have a large multi-level troop so this is bridging for every level. You can customize this ceremony if you only have one or two levels.

Here are a few other great ceremony ideas to use with your troop if you do not need this type of ceremony:

Wishing Well and Stepping Stone Ceremony

I will walk you through the whole Bridging Ceremony:

Flag Ceremony

Each level of your troop is just as important as the next. Some of you started as Daisies, others Brownies or Juniors, some this is your very first year. But for all of you, GS is an amazing growing opportunity, the stepping stones here today represent the steps each and every one of you have taken over the years or in the years to come. The wishing well represents the things you have accomplished and the hopes and dreams you wish for in the future.

Everyone here has their own stories and experiences they will take with them after each scouting event. Every story is different but the theme is the same, through GS you will discover the fun, friendship and power you gain from being with other girls of all ages.

As a Daisy you learn to be a sister to every GS and what it means to follow the GS  Law. Can I have the Daisies and their leader <NAME OF LEADER> come forward. We have  <#> new girls being pinned today <GIRLS NAMES>, come forward.

As a Daisy you are at the beginning of your journey, and have many stepping stones to follow in your future. The daisy is a symbol of dedication to the GS movement, Juliette Low’s nickname was Daisy. You are following in her footsteps as you become a unique and caring influence in today and tomorrow’s world. <LEADER> you can pin the girls, do the GS Handshake and say the promise together as a group.

Here is our <YEAR Troop #> Daisy Group.
As a Brownie you want to try new things and make the world a better place. Today we have <#> girls bridging to Brownies. Click here for Wishing Well Ceremony, I wrote it on another blog.

Today we have <#> new girls who have joined our troop. Can I have the Brownie girls and their leader <NAME OF LEADER> come forward.  <NAME OF LEADER> you can pin the girls, do the GS Handshake.

Here is our <YEAR Troop #> Brownie Group.


Brownies, is only a short few years, and then you continue along the stepping stones, to Junior Scouting. Today we have <#> girls bridging to Juniors, can I have the Brownies and <NAMES OF GIRLS BRIDGING> come up and stand on the left side of the wishing well. And can I have the Juniors please join us on the right side of the wishing well with their leader <NAME OF LEADER>.

When you become a Junior your ready to explore bigger things, become a leader yourself, earn your Bronze award while helping other in your Community. As I call your name follow the path and say good bye to your Brownie sister scouts and join your Junior sisters where new adventures will begin. (Call each girl one at a time)

We also have one girl being pinned in the Junior Group, <GIRL NAME>. <NAME OF LEADER> you can pin her and do the GS Handshake

Here is our <YEAR Troop #> Junior Group.


And as time fly’s, Juniors turn into Cadettes.

Today we have <#> girls bridging to Cadettes, can I have the Juniors and <NAMES OF GIRLS BRIDGING> come up and stand on the left side of the wishing well. And can I have the Cadettes please join us on the right side of the wishing well with their leader <NAME OF LEADER>.

As a Cadette, girls begin finding their passions and leading younger girls, as well as earning the Silver award where they contribute to society while building their leadership skills. As I call your name follow the path and say good bye to your Junior sister scouts and join your Cadette sisters where you can begin your journey to the Silver Award. (Call each girl one at a time)

Here is our <YEAR Troop #> Cadette Group


Over the years as a Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette you have learned to be courageous and strong through community service projects, field trips, skill building activities, camping and more. Bringing us to the 2 highest levels iSenior and Ambassadors, these girls are taking on more and more leadership. There will be many opportunities to develop their skills as they work toward earning their Gold Award.

Today we have <#> girl bridging to Seniors and <#> bridging to Ambassadors. Can I have the Cadettes, <LEADER NAME>  and <GIRL BRIDGING>come up and stand on the left side of the wishing well. And can I have the Seniors please join us on the right side of the wishing well with their <LEADER NAME>.

When you began your adventure as a Cadette you faced a world full of infinite possibilities for fun and exploration now its time to walk across the stepping stones and become a Senior where you will have endless opportunities to
continue growing and being a mentor to younger scouts. <GIRL BRIDGING> follow the path and join Senior sister scouts.

Cadettes can be seated.

Now can I have Senior girls come to the left side of wishing well. Today we have <#> girl bridging from Seniors to Ambassador, <GIRL BRIDGING NAMES> You have come a long way over the years as a GS. She now will bridge to join her sister scouts as a Ambassador. Cross the bridge and continue on your path to the Gold Award, and continue to be someone the younger girls look up to and be a example for your peers.

Here is our <YEAR Troop #> Senior and Ambassador Groups.


Sing a Christmas or Winter Song

End ceremony with special awards and/or announcements

Thank you everyone for coming, we have refreshments <NAME LOCATION>, come  join
us, and everyone have a wonderful Christmas or replace with what is appropriate.

Enjoy this ceremony

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