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Winter Ceremony

Everything You Need To Have A Winter Wonderland Bridging Ceremony


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Winter ceremonies are always nice, in my troop we always tried to come up with a theme. A few years back our bridging ceremony was “Winter Wonderland – Snowflakes” With a multi-level troop we had girls bridging or being pinned all the way up to Cadettes. Below is the program I put together. You can add or subtract content depending on what age groups you have.

We had every girl wear a scarf and mittens for the ceremony. Each age level took charge of a certain part of the ceremony. Juniors were in charge of the Flag ceremony; Daisy, Brownies and Cadettes led different songs.

Here are a few other great ceremony ideas to use with your troop if the winter theme does not work for you:

Planned Winter Ceremony

Flag Ceremony (JUNIORS)

Caller commands:

  • GS Attention
  • Audience, Please Rise!
  • Color Guard Attention
  • Color Guard Advance
  • Color Guard Present Colors
  • GS please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance (recite pledge)
  • Color Guard Dismissed
  • GS Dismissed


(Tune: “If you’re Happy and you know it)

Oh, you shiver and you quiver when it snows….(shiver and quiver)
Oh, you shiver and you quiver when it snows.
Your hands feel just like ice,
So you rub them once or twice.
YES, you shiver and you quiver when it snows.

Snowflake Ceremony

Materials: A large cutout snowflake, awards attached to small snowflake cutouts. Bridge decorated with snowflakes and snow

LEADER: (Holding the large snowflake) This giant snowflake is a symbol of the wonder of the winter season. No two snowflakes are alike, and each is one of the most beautiful objects formed by nature. In the same way, every GS is a unique wonder, learning and progressing through life in his own way. Today, we have girls who are creating their own singular designs in life either by joining our scouting family this year or by continuing in scouting and bridging to the next level to further the adventure.

Daisy Pinning

 May we have the following girls to please come forward ____ (have any girls who are already daisies come up to do the GS hand shake with the new girls

LEADER: Pins the Daisy GS pin on each girl in turn and gives GS Handshake (make GS Sign with right hand and shake hands with left) Current daisy girls shakes hands too.

We would like to welcome you as a member of Troop #_____.
May you wear this pin proudly, and always over your heart.

You May all be seated

Daisy Bridging

Materials: 10 Snowflakes strung together with each having one of the laws wrote on it We gave each girl a piggy bank with a snowflake attached to take home with them so they never forget the laws they learned as a scout.

May we have the following girls to please come forward (call up girls bridging to Brownies) ______. Can all the current Brownies please come up and make a circle around the snowman.

LEADER: These snowflakes behind us are for you future brownies, each one represents one of the GS Laws, snowflakes will melt away but the 10 laws you learned in scouting we hope will continue with you the rest of your life.

When you were a very young girl
you wore GS Daisy blue;
you learned the joy of singing
With Daisy friends so true.
But now that you are older
you’ll be trying something new,
You’ll bring along your happy smile

Please cross the bridge one at a time and join your leader at the magic pond.

At the magic pond each girl will say this:
Twist me and turn me
and show me the elf,
I looked in the water
and saw… (Girl says. Myself)

Pin each girl and do the GS hand shake. Give each girl their piggy bank gift for bridging

Please join the rest of the brownies around the snowman.

May we have the following girls to please come forward and stand in the middle of the brownie circle (call up girls bridging to Juniors) _______

Current Juniors can you please come forward and stand on other side of bridge

Future Juniors
When you were a young girl
you learned many things
now you are ready for new adventures
As Juniors, your leadership takes wing.
Now it is time to say good-bye
Break the ring and away you’ll fly.

PLEASE CROSS OVER THE BRIDGE TO JUNIORS: pinned by leader and receive rainbow and wings and receive piggy bank with snowflake tag. Join the other juniors.

Today we have # new Juniors to be pinned _________ (pin any new juniors who didn’t bridge but joined troop)

Juniors can all be seated

Snowflake Dance (CADETTES)

(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Dance like snowflakes, dance like snowflakes
In the air, in the air
Whirling, twirling snowflakes, whirling, twirling snowflakes
Here and there, here and there
Dance like snowmen, dance like snowmen
Big and round, big and round
Whirling, twirling snowmen, whirling, twirling snowmen
Here and there, here and there
Dance like children, dance like children
In the snow, in the snow
Whirling twirling children, whirling, twirling children
Here and there, here and there

The following girls please come forward ____________ Cadettes please stand on other side of bridge.

When you were a young girl your adventure did start
Journeys and badges, with service from the heart.
Now you come to Cadettes ready to soar
Community and Leadership are at the very core

Cross over the Bridge to Cadettes one at a time, pinned by the Leader and give each of them their gift

Decorated a Tree with snowflakes. In the tree has snowflake ornaments that we put the patches and pins on for the girls

I’m a little Snowflake (EVERYONE)

(Tune: I’m a little teapot)

I’m a little snowflake, fat and round
Falling softly to the ground
When enough of me falls hear me shout,
“Here’s a snowball, better watch out!

Give each girl a crumbled piece of paper to hold and at end of song have the girls throw their snowball out into the audience. Remember to tell them not to throw them at anyone’s face.

We purchased snowflake ornaments and put their year pin and any other badges they had earned on the snowflake and presented it to each girl with their name in the middle. As you can see in picture on right we hung them in tree as decorations during ceremony.

For refreshments after the ceremony we asked everyone to join us down stairs for hot coca and snowball donuts.

This ceremony is completely customizable change it based on the number of girls in your troop or age groups.

If you like this ceremony share it with other leaders, comment with your thoughts or other suggestions for leaders who come across this page.

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Enjoy every minute being a leader and continue to inspire your girls!